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Leader Suho looked back at some difficult times he spent with his fellow EXO members. On July 2, “EXO’s Funniest Member, Suho’s Left Brain Vs. Right Brain,” aired through V Live. During the live broadcast, Suho reminisced and revealed, “There was a time when the EXO members and managers lived in a 90 square meter house with all 15 to 16 of us. Back then I really wanted to be alone."
The singer added, “The bathroom door was locked 24 hours a day. During those times, Baekhyun would play shooting games inside, so the room was occupied even more often.” He explained, “I wanted to relish the time I had alone, so I put a lot of thought into how I should spend it. That’s how I’ve become an expert at having fun by myself.”
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I feel his pain. but I love hiding in my bathroom