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Above all, I think I praise this anime for its progression. This is why it has earned the top spot as my favorite shonen series. It actually earned the feature in my Favorite Franchise card back during the Nakama Campfire Challenge a few months ago, where I covered my reasoning in more detail, so I recommend you go check that out! I feel like I've been covering Naruto a lot lately, but I can't possibly justify giving this title to anything else! There are so many amazing characters, and it just has so much to offer!

Honorable Mentions

This was hard because I love shonen! I was also trying to be careful not to overlap with my Day 46 card, where I featured my favorite shonen anime (not sure who came up with the prompts for this challenge, but I'm judging them). I tried very hard to interpret the delicate differences between "anime" and "series" and save those which I love as an over-arcing series for this one, if that makes sense. DISCLAIMER: You probably know of my deep love for Assassination Classroom by now, but when planning this card, it occurred to me that it probably would have fit better in my Day 46 card than this one, plus I've covered it excessively in this challenge already, so I omitted it to let some other anime get some spotlight. Also, One Piece was a high consideration for this card, but, as I'm still pretty early on in it, I didn't think I was ready to feature it in this kind of card.


What to say about Bleach? Like Naruto, Ichigo and his friends have grown a lot. They've trained to become stronger, overcome hardships, and get to where they are now, motivated by their desire to protect those they love. I wasn't particularly fond of the way the filler was randomly inserted, but I still enjoyed those! I haven't had occasion to check out the manga, during or past the current standing anime, but I know I'm in for an awesome ride when I get around to it!

Fairy Tail

I've heard the argument that all Shonen Jump is the same, and I guess I get it, and that may be true, but I don't care! I think I've been overcompensating, trying not to feature Fairy Tail too much in this challenge, but it's probably my #1 favorite anime! The sense of camaraderie and nakama in this anime is greater than I've seen in anything else! It never fails to put a smile on my face, and I'm convinced I'll never stop loving it!


Another of my all-time favorites, Noragami excels with progression and character development just about as much as Naruto! The characters have all grown so much in just 2 short seasons, and I can't wait until season 3 (come on, it has to happen!)! Noragami is another strong contender for #1, and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Attack on Titan

Fingers crossed that season 2 actually makes it to our screens next spring, as promised, but the pessimist in me doesn't want me to get my hopes up until I see it. Even before I was into anime, I was mildly aware of the massive hype and popularity of this series. I was a little hesitant to start this one, as I'd heard some pretty bad things about the dub, but I hadn't gotten into subs yet. Once I did, it took hold like I never expected!

Fullmetal Alchemist

When I was first starting out in anime, this was I think the 3rd I tried, after Fairy Tail and Soul Eater, because I'd remembered my otaku friends mentioning it, and it was on Netflix (though I had to go exploring for the last bit of FMAB). I watched both versions, starting with original, and I actually love both. I think I like Brotherhood better overall, but I like how original went more in depth with some of the backstories, like Hughes, Barry the Chopper, and that deal with the gold. I think FMA gets a lot of crap for diverging from the manga, but when the original anime caught up with the manga, they asked Hiromu Arakawa what to do, and she wanted to see where they would take it. She loved what they did with it, even though that's not the direction she chose to take it. *The more you know!*
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I didn't realize that Noragami was Shonen! Haha
FT is the best :D :D :D And Noragami!!! I'm watching Naruto rn... wait OMG WHAT HE DIES!!?!???! NOOOO I DID'NT WANNA KNOW THAT D;
Did anyone else notice the Neji Hyuga Is missing from the bottom row of characters in the forth picture for Naruto. I know he dies but it still makes a little sad