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there is finally a new ship to destroy any past feelings towards my all time favorite ship on the planet...nyongtory *GASPS* I know I know never imagined ever replacing nyongtory because hello Sexy boy and jiyong together ...greatest thing on the planet..but you can blame these two for my change of heart

These two are seriously the cutest humans ever....a constant tug of war between these two has forced me to just settle my losses and let them both kill me.....

if you don't know these two dorky beans....This tall handsome model like man is SeungJun (don't let that look fool you ...he is a man child....I'm serious this man is an infant and doesn't know how to dress to save his life.)

and here we have the absolutely beautiful manly leader.....who is dating seungjun and uses him as a personal assistant and back scratcher ( this big baby can't go to sleep unless someone scratches his back sooo adorable)

and might I add HOLY MAN THIGHS!!!!

but put these two together and it's a quick death sentence these two are often called Tom and jerry...but let's be real they need to be called Trouble!

I will give them credit for their ability to be professional as seen here .....but let's get to the real Tom and jerry

SeungJun fulfilling his boyfriend duties with piggy back rides

Back hugs

second picture shows just how proud seungjun is of himself for having such a perfect boy friend lol

more piggy back rides

I seriously can't deal with these two at all

But regardless of how much they kill me ....I love these two big babies more than life itself

predebut baby gems

SeungJun is basically me

hope you guys enjoyed this tom & Jerry spam...hope you all survived
I'm scared... scared that my OTP might be changed to this now. Ah, sorry VKook. Guess we'll see