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I honestly don't know why I'm even making this card. I'm just in a Minhyuk mood. What is it with me and idols named Minhyuk? its like I drawn to them lol.

BtoB Minhyuk

I fell in love with his singing voice before his rapping. He is talented *cough* Moving on......

CN Blue Minhyuk

now I have always listen to this band's songs but never learn about the members. But when I did Minhyuk caught my attention first.

Monsta X Minhyuk

Surprise! lol Like you didn't know he would be on my list. It was literally love at first sight. Seriously.....
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Damn Minhyuking allll the way.😂😂
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They are all hyper dorks that are too cute for words. And, although I am VERY multifandomed (I basically stan every boygroup and some girlgroups with the addition of my actor/actress biases) I tend to like the rappers or leaders. Like G-Dragon or Onew.
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I have the Minhyuk problem too... same Minhyuks as you. @lovetop, you were saying something about abs...
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@Helixx....*cough*....yes ABS...But beside the ABS.... I like all "MinHyuksss" too
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My daughter says MinHyuk means gorgeous. There are 3 other MinHyuks in groups..B Bomb in Block B, Rocky in Astro, and..oh...I cant.remember the It's a
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