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Who: ReaderxKim Junmyeon What: One Shot (Actual fluff) Story: Since this is my first one shot I'll let it be known I'm not doing a story summary. I'll just type N/A for future one shots.
You tapped your foot waiting for him to show up. Your loving boyfriend of three years could never be on time and you were so used to it that you started showing up ten minutes late to dates yourself. He still took forever to show up, had it been any other day you would've texted him and told him you were going home but today was special; it was your three year anniversary as a couple. He had texted you ten minutes ago telling you he was on his way and you had spent your time walking up and down the pathway of the park to give him time to show up. Your phone buzzed with a text message from him. Jun the ho: Hey babe walk around the bushes to your left. The bushes to your left... You looked to the side seeing a barrier of tall bushes. You looked behind you wondering where he was. Obviously he knew you were here, you sighed and walked around the bushes and what greeted you was a spread out picnic of all your favorite foods. The sun washed over the area in a bright brilliant orange, it was setting in the perfect way and you both would have an amazing angle to watch it go down. You smiled at the sight before you not believing that Junmyeon, of all people, had it in him to do something like this. He wasn't the most romantic guy in the world but you were thankful that he knew what you liked. "You wore the dress." you heard his voice behind you. You turned to see him eyeing you lovingly and you smiled at him, "Well yeah you asked me to, remember?" "It's shorter than I thought it would be but it fits you well. This is the first time I get to see you wear it and strangely all I want to do is take it off." True, the dress you were wearing he had bought for you last year on your birthday. He wasn't able to give it to you because he was out shooting for a film so he had one of the guys drop it off for him. Everytime you had scheduled a date with him he asked for you to wear the dress but everytime you did the date would get cancelled. "And that is why you're listed as 'hoe' in my phone." you respond joking with him. "How can I be a hoe if I only want you?" he said walking over to you. He swept you up in his arms and gave you a kiss, your arms wrapped around his neck and when he pulled away he had you look up with him at the camera he was raising above you two. You looked up still holding onto him and smiled. You heard the camera click and he let you go. He pulled you over to the picnic and sat you down uncovering the bowl of strawberries he had protected by a netted tent like cover. He picked one up and held it up to your mouth looking you in the eye with a smirk as you took a bite. Your eyes widened and you had to cover your mouth at the taste of it. "Oh my goodness it's so sweet!" You said marveling at the delicious taste." "Isn't it, a woman at the store helped me pick them out just for you. Apparently, her granddaughter is a fan of Exo and when she showed her a picture of us from a few years back she thought that we were a cute couple." "She has a point we are pretty cute together," You laughed "Did you give her something in return for her kindness?" You said picking up another strawberry. He gave you a wide eyed look and said, "Should I have? I said thank you." "Junmyeon." You said shaking your head. He laughed and laid back on the cloth with his hands behind his head. Looking up at you but squinting his eyes because of the bright sun shining on him. "I'm only kidding, I took a video with her grandmother and told her thank you for being a fan I sent her a heart." "Aww it's good to know you're not a complete moron." "Yah! Don't be so mean Jagi." You laughed picking up a strawberry and pressing it against his lips. His eyes were closed but he felt the fruit pressed against them, he slowly opened his mouth and took a bite. Strawberries somehow made everything look seductive and you blushed at how he slowly chewed and swallowed the fruit down licking his lips shortly after. You bent over him and kissed him upside down not being able resist any longer, the slow movement of his lips and tongue connecting to yours made your heart flutter. "I haven't had you in so long Y/N." He said. "I know, I miss you." you whispered against his lips. You pulled back sitting up to look at him, his eyes were open now and the sun had shifted a bit moving just enough out of his face. He sighed at the sight of you and grabbed his camera snapping a picture from below. "A perfect angle." "I doubt it, you got the worst side." You complained. "You don't have a worst side, every side on you is beautiful Y/N." You smiled looking away from him. "Come lay down with me Y/N." Junmyeon said patting the empty space beside him. You had snuck a chip from the bag he had brought and got into position beside him. Your body molding in perfectly with his. He snapped another picture of you two together from above but you had hidden your face in his chest. "You look so cute." he said laughing at the picture. He showed it to you and you looked like a tiny shy little child hiding against his chest. You laughed at it too. While the sun was still up, he continued to take pictures of you guys. He had you sit up against the tree and take pictures and you took pictures of him making cute faces against the bushes. You two were having so much fun together and the sky was now getting dark. You two had sat back down on the blanket by now and your head was resting on his chest again. Your hand wrapped around him and laid on his chest. Your eyes were closed and you were being lulled by the sound of his calm steady breathing into a nap. His hand was on top of yours gently rubbing the back of it, you were comfortable in that position and you didn't want to move. "Y/N." he called to you. "Hmm?" You responded against his body. "I know I've missed a few dates in the past and it's been kind of hard to date an idol," he stopped for a moment. You cracked your eyes open and when he didn't continue you looked up at him. "Yeah?" you tried to encourage him to continue. "You love me right?" he asked. "Of course I love you." "So you won't leave my side? Even when I have to cancel our dates sometimes or show up late. Will you be with me forever? " "Junmyeon I'm not going anywhere where." "So then here's my last question." He said sitting up. You were kind of annoyed that you were moved out of a comfortable position but you were curious as to what was going on. He stood you two up and in a second he got down on his knee, your heart began to race, "Junmyeon." you said breathless. "Will you marry me?" At the same time fireworks shot up in the sky making you jump a little startled by the sound and a camera flashed in the distance. Your hand had covered your mouth as you looked through teary eyes and you shook your head. He looked a little discouraged until you realized what you had done, "I didn't mean that. Yes, yes you silly man I will marry you." You said laughing. He took a sigh of relief standing up and kissing you. Your arms wrapped around his neck as fireworks continued to go off in the distance. "Oh don't scare me like that." he said into your ear. You laughed as you heard cheers and screams come from the other side of the bushes. The guys were all there running up to you two, Jongdae had Junmyeon's camera hanging from his neck. He must've taken it when your eyes were closed. "Wait how long have you guys been here?" you asked. "Not that long, we came a few minutes ago. Junmyeon told us he wanted to capture the moment when he proposed." Jongdae explained. "You had us a little worried when you shook your head no." Chanyeol said. "I didn't mean it I was just surprised." "Leader Suho is getting married! We need to celebrate!" Sehun said. The guys clapped and cheered again agreeing with Maknae and when Junmyeon leaned over to kiss you, you heard the snap of a camera again. He leaned into your ear and whispered, "Happy Anniversary Jagiya."
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