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Rated: M Language, Violence Smut A/N: Hope you enjoy. Contain Sexual Content
Y/N POV It’s finally Friday. I was excited but yet so nervous. After I got back to my room I look for something to wear. By 4:30 I got in the shower and begin to get ready. I am wearing a blue laced casual dress with sliver studded sandals. I pinned part of my hair back while leaving the rest down. I leave about 5:45 to meet Chanyeol at the station. As I am heading there I get a text from Noona.
“Just wanted to say have fun and be safe. If he tries anything tell him I will beat his ass. Saranghae.” She is crazy. I arrive at the station five minutes till six. I see Chanyeol standing against the train routes sign with two tickets in his hand. I approach him and say hi. He turns around and bows and says hello back. “Wow you look beautiful” he says causing me to blush. You look nice and different. A good different though. He was wearing a black and white striped sweater with a white shirt underneath, and black shirt. He wore these black with and gray shoes. But that wasn’t what turned me on about him. It was the fact he didn’t have on his glasses. I think I stare at him for like forever. He asked are you ready to go. I snapped back to reality and said yes.
I asked him where we were going. He responded by saying, “It’s a surprise.” The first place we went was the Busan Carnival that was going on. We rode everything. From the Crazy mouse to the gravity space ship. We did all the carnival games too. I surprise to see how good Chanyeol was the shooting the can game. He hit every can on the on the first try. I didn’t care he seem to be having fun. I got a big teddy bear out of it. The last thing we rode was the Ferris wheel. We sat and talked. When we enter we both sat on opposite sides. He started to smile his notice my nervousness. “Hey why are you way over there?” He walked over and sat next to me. Then it started moving. “So are you having fun?” “Yes I haven’t had this much fun in a long time” As I am looking at the window I see all the beautiful lights. “Wow this view is beautiful.” He says, “I know. But I think you are more beautiful.” I blush then turn to look at him, before I knew it his lips were on mine. This kiss wasn’t just a simple peck. It has emotion behind it. His lips encased my. I felt him enter his tongue in between every kiss. He pulls away places one hand on mimes. Then he looks out the window like nothing happened. I on the other hand was still in shock. I rubbed my fingers over my swollen lips has then I turned to look at him. He had a slight smile while still looking out the window. He is usually so shy and dorky, I never thought he would be the one initiate a kiss first. After the ride came to an end he led me by my hand to a photo booth. We took so many picture. There he showed off his signature pose. The peace sign over his eyes. It was adorable. Then for our last picture was of us kissing. A few weeks later…………… Chanyeol POV We’ve been together for about a month. She is different from other girl. She smart, beautiful, caring, and funny. When we kiss I feel that I could be with her forever. What am I saying? This is a mission nothing else. Chanyeol get yourself together. You are not supposed to fall for her. I need to speed things up hopeful this will. *Incoming Text Message* Y/N: So what do you want to do tonight? Can we just stay in and eat take out .We can chill and watch movies in your room. Y/N: Ok cool. What type of takeout do you want Korean or Chinese? Chinese. Come to my room and you can buy it with my card. Y/N: Nope. I’m not coming. This time it is on me. You always buy. This time it’s my treat. Ok, but only this one time. Thanks. I can’t wait to see you later. Y/N: Me too. We haven’t seen each other lately because of mid-terms. I’ll have the food here at five. Ok see you later. …………………………………………… I knocked on her door and she opens it and we say hello. Before I could go in she stands on her tippy toes and pulls me down by my shirt and gives me a kiss, how I longed to taste her lips again. We both sat and ate at the table. We laughed and complain about how hard midterms were. Then climbed in the bed and snuggle close together to watch a movie, we watched the movie “Pure Love”, which starred our favorite actor Do Kyungsoo. I caught her crying during the movie. After the movie was over we watched “Boys over flowers.” While watching she looked up at me, I bent down and kissed her. This kiss was different than the ones we previously shared. I was heated. If it was 10 degrees in the room you could see steam coming from us. Our tongues were intertwined with each kiss. I moved and got on top of her. Our bodies were pushed against each other. I could feel her heart beat increase in speed. Then I move my kisses to the neck. I cup her breast and squeeze it lightly. I hear her moan a little. I unbutton her shirt and start to kiss her chest. Our lips meet once again. She takes her shirt off and unclasps her bra. She leans back and once more I make my way back down. I kiss and suck on her bare skin leaving my mark. Then I move down to her spot. I move my finger and tongue against it. She is moaning loudly at this point. I say, “Damn baby how did you get this wet.” Then I insert one finger, causing her to moan and arches her back. Breathing heavily she says biting he lip, “It’s you, you made me like this. “I take my clothes off and seed up the pace of my fingers. She cries out, I’m going to cum”. I stop and quickly enter her. I move with a fast and hard pace. She finishes before me. I don’t stop. I go the same speed until I reach my release. As I climax she climaxed again. Which caused her to arch her back and curl her toes. …………………………………………………………………. As we lay there she says, Wow. Still breathing heavily. You were like a whole different person. You weren’t shy tonight. I laugh. “Oh I have something for you.” I run to my room with her robe on and get the bag. I returned and said,” Happy one Month anniversary.” I hand her the bag. When she opened it she held on hand over her mouth.
Y/N POV Happy One Month Anniversary” he says. He hands me a small bag. I looked inside and it was a box. I opened it and it held a gold heart shaped Necklace. It was beautiful. I get up and hug and kiss him. “I feel bad now I didn’t give you something.” He walk and kiss me he says,” You can give me you again.” Then we did it again. After resting I ask, “Do you wanna come with me to my dad’s birthday party next Saturday? I know it kind of soon. I just don’t want to be there myself, He says, “sure babe I would love to come.” He kisses me on my head.
Saturday a week later… C: Babe I kind of nervous Don’t be everyone is nice and they will love you. I kiss him before we get out his car. I hold his hand as I show him around First was aunt and uncle. My aunt gives him a big hug and my uncle shook his hand and gave him a big smile. We walked inside the house where I saw mom and Noona in the kitchen. I walk in, and hug and kiss both of them. Then I around and signal him to come in. I grab his hand and say, “Mom. Noona this is Park Chanyeol we been together for about a month. My mom grabs his hugs and kisses him on his check. Noona also hugged him. Mom and Noona wanted to ask me all these questions about him. I told them I’ll be back and asked where dad was. He is in his office Honey, mom said. We leave the kitchen and head toward the office. I felt his grip on my hand tighten as we approach the office door. We stopped in front of the closed door. “Hey baby what’s wrong? C: I don’t think I’m ready. I’m ok with meeting you mom and sister. But your dad is a different story. He doesn’t like he may make us break up. He may hate me. His hands were shaking. “Hey don’t be like that. If he doesn’t like you who cares. All that matters is the way I feel about you. No one will break us up unless we decide that, and I hope that will never happens. It will be ok I will be with you. If he says something wrong to you I will say something to him. But you still don’t want to we can do it another time. We can leave I will say you got sick or something.” “No we can go in. I want to meet him. As long as you are with me I will be ok. “ He kisses me then says, “I Love you.” I kiss him again and say “I Love you too.” I knock on the door I someone opens the door. I can hear my dad laughing. We walk in together. Dad looks over and sees me he opens his arms for a hug. I hug him. Then I go back and hold Chanyeol’s hand. Dad stops laughing and says, “And who is this sweetie.” “Dad this is Chanyeol. He is my boyfriend you heard so much about.” He is silent for a moment and then he comes over and says, “Welcome to the family son” There was a big roar of laughter and smiles. He hugs Chanyeol and has the biggest smile. I whisper to Chanyeol “told you.” We went outside and had a great time. 30 in Chanyeol comes to me and says, “Babe I’ll be back I have to meet Beakhyun really quick. He need me to pick him up his car broke down. “ I nod and kiss him and say good bye. Chanyeol POV *Incoming Call from Command* There is an abandon house we own on across the street use that to take you shot. Don’t fail I think you would want to know Kim Jun-myeon was responsible for your parents death. “Wait What!” *End of Call*

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