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Whoever made this is absolutely amazing!!!I mean Look at That Detail!!! @Aimebolanos @tylor619 @Watermage @alexcattura
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*brings out tissue box* tissue? @BobbieStinson
yes...please😖😖 @KageTsuki040910
They haven't had new episodes to season 2 does anyone kW why. If you do plz tell me I'm behind on news lol
@YessicaCardenas the way they ended season 2 as they did was for 1 to let the manga get ahead as the show was right on its tail and so not to have filters and keep to the story line and to also let in the mini arc of FTZ however if there will b an anime version of the rest of the manga is a diff story as the animators r working on different projects and have not said if they would continue to anime the series i hope this answers some of ur ?
@AloraGrimm ok thx for answering my question so they just finished season 2 then right it's done they whont continue I just wanna make sure so I can just read the manga and stop waiting for the anime to continue. I hope they continue it down the road though it was getting good