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Mind Blowing Monday Topp Dogg B-joo
Hello my Topp Dogg Klass! Its me again your Mod Supporter Melissa. I forgot to mention before that my day is called Mind Blowing Monday. This is my second card of the day. I'll be supporting B-joo. He's another member I'll be supporting besides Sangdo. I hope you enjoy it.
Here is basic facts about our beloved B-joo. Name: Kim Byungjoo Stage Name: B-joo Birthdate: January 8th, 1994 Height: 175cm Weight: 55kg Star sign: Capricorn β™‘ Position: Vocalist and Dancer
Here is some interesting facts about our beloved B-joo. -His name means be with you, which sounds like B-joo. -He has a tattoo above his elbow saying bounce -He's the guy who's the bounce of the group -He's the guy who had the ahjumma hair style for 3 comebacks -He's one of the most popular member. -He's ideal type is a girl the same age as him. A girl who looks good in jeans. A girl with medium to long hair like IU. A girl that is 163cm tall. (Can any of you be his ideal girl?)
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waaaaa my biassss he's so amazeballs. can you tag me please!
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although Secretly a beast Hojoon and sexy Chipmunk Hansol aren't far behind... *
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@MandyNoona sure I can! and Thank you
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@MelissaGarza yay!! no, thank YOU!
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