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His Keeper Chapter 13 On my way to work I stop by Starbucks and get myself a chai tea latte and a cheese Danish. I enter my work place and head straight to the employee lounge to eat my cheese Danish before Jack calls me to start working. Chichi! Jack calls out for me. Im going! I call back eating the last bite of my Danish. I walk out to the photo shoot room and I see Jack talking to Ken who is giving me his back. Jack looks at me and Ken turns to look at me and smiles. My hearts slowly starts racing and I smile back to hide my nervousness. I quickly turn around and give Jack and Ken my back. Chichi you have a boyfriend. I say to myself while lightly slamming my fist on my head. Hey Chichi! Ken says with a wide smile walking towards me. He..Hey. I say nervously. Ho…How are you? Ken hesitates to ask. Fine. I say looking down. Ok are we ready to start? Jack says to us. Yes. Ken and I say in unison. Ken follow me. Jack says. After Ken walks away with Jack I let out a breath of relief. What is wrong with my heart? Whats wrong with me? Is it possible that I still have feelings for Ken? No! That cant be possible I cant love two people at the same time. I love Hongbin and only Hongbin. I take another deep breath before walking to Jack and helping him set up the equipment. I look over to Ken. He is getting his hair and make up done. Jack starts the photo shoot with Ken. Ken looks very handsome with his Denim jacket, white shirt, and beige knee high shorts. I shake my head to snap out of my thoughts. I go to Ken to check the lighting with the light meter and he just stares at me with a smirk. I look up at him and give him a shy smile. {Jack looks at Chichi and Ken smiling and gets an idea.} I see sudden flashes of light. I look forward to see Jack taking pictures of Ken and I. I try to hide my face but Ken puts his arm around my shoulder and pulls me close to face the camera and smiles for the pictures. Yes! Thats what Im talking about! Jack almost screams. Can someone please get Chichi to hair in make up. One of the make up artists grabs my wrist and takes me to the hair and make up room. There are about three people working on my hair and make up. I feel like a celebrity. After finishing my hair and make up they put me in a white above the knee summer dress with red peep toe 4inch heel shoes. Chichi hurry up and come out! We dont have all day you know! Jack says. I slowly open the door and take slow steps to the photo shoot room with my head down. Everyone is completely silent so I look up and everyones mouth is open. I look over to Ken and hes smiling brightly at me. Ok lets get this show in the road. Jack says. Ken walks to the spot where he was when he was doing the photo shoot before and I walk next to him. I keep a safe distance between us. Move closer to each other. Jack says. You are a couple enjoying the summer. I stay still in my spot and Ken grabs my waist and pulls me in closer. My heart once again starts to race. I look up at him to see him smiling at the camera and I cant help but smile. The camera lights start flashing. Ken and I change clothes about three times and take pictures for about three hours till the end of the photo shoot approaches. I change back into my regular clothes. I get my equipment from the employee lounge. Its 8pm right now. Chichi do you want to grab something to eat? Ken asks. Um… My stomach grumbles. Ken laughs. I guess your stomach answered for you. I could never keep her quiet. I joke. Ken and I walk to a near by restaurant. They sit us down in a table and I could see everyone looking at us and whispering to each other. I totally forgot you are a celebrity now. I say blocking the right side of my face with my hand. Yea. This is the only thing that I dont like about this path. Ken confesses. We order steak and the waiter brings it to our tables within just a few minutes. I take a bite of my steak. Oh my gosh. This tastes so good. I say. Ken laughs. I miss seeing you smile like this. Ken says and my smile fades away. Im sorry. I didnt meant to… Ken says. Its ok. I lie. We finish our steaks with wine followed by jokes and small talk. After dinner Ken offers to drive me home. The whole drive home was silent with only a few exchanges of glances between us. Just incase Hongbin will hear Ken I tell him to leave me in the corner. We dismiss ourselves and I see Ken drive off before I start walking to the house. I enter the house, the lights are all of except for the fireplace. You came out of work late today. Hongbin says staring at the fire from the fireplace and with a cup of whiskey in his hand. Yes but we got a lot done. I say. Are you sure you were at work and not with HIM. Hongbin says taking a big gulp of his whiskey. Yes Im sure I was at work WITH him because he was the model and you already knew this. So why are you acting like this. I ask while sitting next to him. Do you also drink on the job? Hongbin asks. What? Oh. That was because we all went out to eat. I lie. I could tell that Hongbin is trying to read my face to see if I am lying. Im going to wash up and get ready for bed. I stand up and go to my room before Hongbin plans to ask any more questions. I remove my clothes, my make up and step inside the shower. I let the hot water from the showerhead massage my shoulders. I feel bad for lying to Hongbin but the way he has been acting lately I feel like if I tell him anything that deals with Ken he is going to explode. Mostly the way my heart races every time I see him or when he smiles at me. I finish showering and change into Hongbins black t-shirt. I dry my hair with a towel and head to Hongbins bedroom. Hongbin is sound asleep. I walk to his bedside and stare at him sleeping. His chest is slowly moving up and down, his lips are lightly parted and his messy black hair is covering his eyes. I bend over and move him hair from his eyes and he shifts in his sleep. He is now lying on his back revealing his naked chest. Does he ever sleep with a shirt on. I say to myself. I leave him alone for tonight. I go to my room and lay on my bed. It feels empty without Hongbin next to me. Hongbin and I are walking on the beach holding hands while looking at the sunset. He then stares into my eyes and kisses me. He pulls away from the kiss and Hongbin turns into Ken. I gasp. I love you Chichi. Ken says. I wake up sweaty. Whoa. That was crazy. I say. I look at the time. Shit! Im going to be late. I shower, get dressed and leave to work. For the past two weeks Ken and I have been hanging out after work. We would go out to eat or just taking a walk in the park. Hongbin and I have been drifting apart. He doesnt speak to me much. When I try to make conversation with him, he just gives me one-word answers and goes to his room or just doesnt come home. Im worried about what is going to happen between us. The more Hongbin pushes me away the stronger my feeling for Ken get. I dont what I am going to do. I wake to the birds chirping outside. Its Saturday morning and everything seems so peaceful. I look around my room and see a pile of dirty clothes on the right corner of my room. I have today to myself so I should do laundry. I say. I get up from my bed head to the bathroom, tie up my hair in a bun and brush my teeth before gathering up all my dirty clothes. I put them in a laundry basket and head downstairs. I wonder if Hongbin has laundry to do also. I walk up to his bedroom door and knock first before opening the door but Hongbin is not there. Where does he go so early in the morning? I say. I see his laundry basket and grab it to take it downstairs. I start separating the clothes by colors before putting them into the washing machine. While all the clothes are washing I take that time to dust off the whole house. After three hours of cleaning and washing clothes everything is almost done. I just need to put Hongbins clean clothes away. Even though we havent been speaking a lot he better give me a little thank you for washing his clothes. I say while walking into his room. I open all of his drawers to see where everything goes before actually putting his clothes away. All of his clothes are mixed up. His jeans are with his shirts and socks. His underwear is with his colognes. I take out all of his clothes and organize them. I color code them and hang the dress shirts in the closet with his dress pants. While Im hanging the last shirt and pants in the closet a box full of papers fall out. I panic and start to pick them up as fast as I can. Before putting the rest of the papers inside I look at one of them. Its a newspaper article, about Ken and me. Ken and a mystery girl holding hands. I read the article. I take out another article from the box. Ken may have a girlfriend even before his new album drops. I read another article. I take out all the articles from the box and spread them all around the floor. There are pictures of Ken and I in the restaurant when Ken held my hand but I moved it away but of course they wouldnt put that part in. Theres another picture of us walking in the park and on the swings laughing. Just my looking at the pictures we look like we are dating. This is the reason Hongbin has been so distant from me. But why didnt he ask me about it? I ask myself. I think back to Hongbin asking me about Ken. He did ask me and I lied to him. And now he probably thinks Im actually cheating on him with Ken. I say. So are you cheating on me? Hongbin says and I jump back hitting my head with the closet. I guess you are. No. I am not cheating on you. I say. And if I was can you really call it cheating when we are barely even dating anymore. What are you talking about? Hongbin asks. You know what Im talking about. Youve been very distant for a while now. I say. How can I not be distant Chichi? I asked you about Ken and you lied to me. Hongbin says. That was because I didnt want to ruin the peace we had between us. I say. And how did that turn out? Hongbin says. I stare at him with nothing to say. Do you have feelings for Ken? He asks and his question surprises me. I..I. I try to say something. So you do have feelings for him. Hongbin says calmly and it scares the hell out of me. I do. But whose fault is that? I scream out of frustration. Are you seriously trying to blame this on me? Hongbin screams back. Cause Im the one who told you go and hang out with Ken and have dinner with him and then come home and lie to me about it. No but you were the one who kept being distant from me. Havent you learned from before that nothing good comes out from you ignoring me? I scream. What do you want me to do Chichi? You kept lying to my face. Hongbin screams back. I want you to fight! I want you to fight for me. If you loved me you wouldnt throw in the towel and fight for me. I say tears threatening to fall from my eyes. No Chichi. Dont even think that you can start crying and make me feel bad for you like if Im the one who did wrong. Hongbin says. This time it was you. You may not know this but I hate crying in front of anybody because they just think that I want pity from them. After my parents died thats all they thought. I hid my tears from everyone because of that but not from you. I thought you knew me better. Yes I was wrong. Yes I DID lie but it was to keep our relationship in good terms. I hung out with Ken a few times but just as friends. Yes he tried to make a move on me a few times but I didnt let him because even though I might have feelings for him Im still in love with you and that wont ever change. You were the first guy I ever slept with and I thought that I wont ever regret that day but now I think I do regret it if this how you think of me. I say with tears falling from my eyes. Hongbin eyes widen and I know that my last statement hurt him. My phone rings and I pick it up from the floor. I look at the screen and I see that its Ken. I answer the call. I try to collect myself the best I can before speaking. Hello. I try to sound like I wasnt just crying. Hey… Chichi are you ok? Ken asks. I look up at Hongbin and I know he hears Kens voice. I walk out of Hongbins room and into my room. Yea Im fine. Just a little cold. I lie. Are you sure? I can come over. Ken says. No. Ill just go to you. Where are you? I ask. Im in my house. Ill text you the address. Ken says and hangs up the phone. I receive a text message of his address. I get dressed, grab my car keys and head downstairs. Hongbin comes out of his room furious. Are you really going to that dirtbags house? Hongbin asks while holding my wrist. If this is the type of girl you think I am. I say and remove my wrist from his hand. While Im walking to the front door I hear Hongbin punch the wall. I get in my car put Kens address into the GPS and drive to his house. I arrive to his house and ring the intercom bell. {Hongbin follows Chichi all the way to Kens house.} Chichi is that you? Ken asks through the intercom. Yes its me. I Respond. Theres a loud buzz and I open the door to the front gate. Ken opens his house door before I get to ring his doorbell. Chichi! Youre here. Ken says excitedly. Come in. I walk past him into his house. Ken gestures me to sit down on the couch. Would you like something to drink? Ken asks. No. Im fine. I really just came here to talk. I say. Ok.. What do you want to talk about? Ken nervously sits down next to me. When were going to tell me about this? I say handing Ken one of the articles I took from Hongbin. Ken looks at the article without a word. I see sweat starting to form on his forehead. Ken? Why didnt you tell me about this? I ask. We were having such a good time together I didnt want to ruin it. Ken answers. Have you always been this stupid? Do you know how fast this could ruin your career? I ask even though it was more of a statement. Im only stupid when it comes to you. Ken replies. Ken. Please. I sigh. Why do you always deny my feelings for you Chichi? You know that I like you and it has been that way for a while now. And just by the way you look at me I know you still like me too. Ken says while holding my hand. Its true I do like you. I say and Ken smiles. But I have a boyfriend and I love him. Ken lets go of my hand. Im sorry Ken but even if I was single I wouldnt go out with you because of your career. I wont let you give up your dream for me and then have you resent me for the rest of your life. I say. I cant ever resent you. Ken says looking down. Trust me at first you would be fine but after a while youll wonder what if and I dont want to be in the way of that what if. I say. I get up to walk to the door when Ken grabs my wrist and stands in front of me. I will wait for you. Ken says and gives me a light kiss on the lips. {Hongbin is listening in from across the street. He clenches his fist when Ken and Chichi kiss.} I walk out of Kens house and back to my car. I arrive back to my house. My stomach grumbles. I forgot to eat before I started my day. I walk into the kitchen and make myself chicken noodle soup. After I finish the soup I do the dishes and head to my room to shower. I change to Pajama shorts and an over size crewneck sweater. I lay on my bed looking up at the ceiling. Hongbin comes inside my room and I quickly get up from my bed. What the fuck are you doing? You almost scared me to death! I scream. What the fuck you doing in here? This is my room. Well technically this is my room. Hongbin says. Fine then Ill leave. I say walking past him to the hallway but he then grabs my wrist. What did you talk with Ken? Hongbin says calmly. Whats it to you? I say giving him a sly smile. You came back pretty fast. Hongbin says. I laugh. Well lets just say hes a gentleman. What did you do over there? Hongbin asks. If you really want to know. I say while getting closer to his face. He kissed me and I kissed him back. And I liked it. I drag out the last sentence. I know Hongbin didnt like hearing that because his grip on my wrist got tighter. Are you happy now? Its what you wanted. I smile. Hongbin slams me to the wall and starts kissing me aggressively that I can barely breath. I try to push him away but he doesnt budge. Get…off…me. I say in between kisses. For what? You know he cant make you feel like I make you feel. Hongbin says also in between kisses. At least hes a gentleman. I say. Yea a gentleman. The same gentleman that cheated on you with your cousin. Hongbin smirks. His words pierce through my heart like a knife. I feel a knot in my throat and before I let him see the tears form in my eyes I slap him across the face and walk out the house. I look down at my feet and see that I have no slipper or shoes on. Just great. I pick my right foot up to walk when Hongbin picks me up over his shoulder and brings me inside the house again and into my room and sit me down on my bed. Youve really have gotten crazy. If biting me wasnt enough. I say and I see Hongbin flinch at the memory of that night. Hongbin bends over so we are face to face. His hands are on each side of my thighs. You told me to fight for you and that is what Im doing. Hongbin says. I told you to fight for me not kill me. Do you call that kissing earlier you were suphocating me. I say. You did that to your self because you clearly know how I get when you talk about other guys touching you in any way. Hongbin says. I didnt do anything I was just telling you the truth. I smirk. I followed you there. I heard what you guys were talking about. Hongbin says. I open my mouth in shock and try to free myself from him but he just sits me back down again. Im not done talking. Hongbin says. You were there so you know that we kissed. I say. Hongbin sighs. He puts his head down before looking at me again. If you knew why did you ask me? I ask. Because I wanted to see if you would tell me the truth unlike before. Hongbin says. Chichi I love you and you know that. I turn my face to look away. Hongbin gently grabs my chin with one of his hands and makes me face him again. I know you love me too. Despise all my flaws you still love me and you know I would kill for you. So why would you do or tell me things that make that other part of me come out. That other part of me that I truly hate and cant stand. Ive always loved you ever since we were young but now I love you even more because you make me feel human again. Please dont take that from me. Hongbin says. I cant ever take it from you because no matter what you still are human to me. I say. Hongbin leans in and kisses me. He takes off his shirt and my shirt without breaking our kiss. He then starts to unbutton his pants and swiftly takes them off and throws them on the floor. He removes my pants before laying me down on the bed. His kisses get a little more passionate. His hand traces down my body to my thighs. 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