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Okay let's start off with the Strawhats
Let's start with Luffy, our favorite rubber protagonist. 1.) Luffy is the youngest member of The Worst Generation/Supernovas. He was 17 before the time skip and 19 after 2.) Oda stated that when he was designing the character Luffy, he was thinking about manliness. 3.) Luffy is the only known pirates to escape all 3 major military establishments. This includes Enies Lobby, Inpeal Down, and Navy HQ. 4.) Luffy never kills any of his opponents, he feels this let's them off to easy. He instead, leaves them alive, so they can never see their dreams come true. 5.) Luffy got the scar under his eye by stabbing himself with a knife to prove to shanks that he was tough. 6.) Luffys favorite food is meat and least favorite food is the cherry pie from Mock Town. 7.) Each Strawhat resembles an animal in some way. Luffy resembles a monkey. 8.) Luffy has always been the most popular "One Piece" character in Evey fan poll. 9.) Each Strawhat has a specific smell. Luffys is meat. 10.) Each Strawhat has a color. Luffys is red. 11.) Each Strawhat has an specific number for them. Luffys is 01; 56 (Go-mu, or rubber); 09. 12.) Luffys favorite island and season is Summer but considers snow to be great; ultimately anywhere where there's meat. 13.) If the crew were a family Luffy would be the fourth son. 14.) In the real world Luffy would be Brazilian and work as a Firefighter.
Now for Pirate Hunter Zoro 1.) Zoro is the only member of the crew that Luffy personally sought out. 2.) Zoro was originally supposed to be Buggy the Clowns body guard. 3.) Zoro is the second know person to slay a dragon, the first is the samurai that Zoro fought on Thriller Bark, Ryuma, which made him a legend, and both killed their dragons they same way. By decapiton in mid-air. 4.) Zoros favorite food is Sea king meat, white rice, and anything that goes with ale, and his least favorite food is chocolate, he thinks its too sweet. 5.) Zoro has had the most English voice actors. 2 for him as an adult and 4 for him as a child. 6.) Zoro has constantly ranked number 2 in fan polls as the second most popular "One Piece" character, before being passed by Trafalgar Law. 7.) Resembles a shark. 8.) Smells like steel. 9.) His color is green. 10.) He was 19 pre time skip and 21 after time skip. 11.) Zoros number is 02; 01. 12.) Zoros favorite island and season is Autumn on an Autumn Island. 13.) If the crew were a family Zoro would be the first son. 14.) In the real world Zoro would be Japanese and work as a Police Officer.
Now the beautiful and intellegent navigator of the Strawhats, Nami. 1.) Nami is the only member of the crew to ask someone to join before Luffy did. This is when she asked Chopper to join them in Drum Kingdom. 2.) If Nami was an animal she would be a Cat. 3.) Nami was 18 pre-time skip and is now 20. 4.) Namis numbers are 03; 73 (Na-mi); 03. 5.) Namis color is Orange. 6.) Nami smells like oranges and money 7.) Namis favorite island and season is Summer on a Spring Island. 8.) Namis favorite food is Mainly tangerines as well as other kinds of fruit, and her least favorite food is Orangette (Prefers actual fruit). 9.) If the crew were a family Nami would be the daughter. 10.) In the real world Nami would be Swedish and work as as Childcare Worker.
SNIPER KING!!! GOD USOPP!!! 1.) If Usopp was an animal he would be a Armadillo. 2.) Usopps numbers are 04; 04. 3.) Usopps color is Yellow. 4.) Usopp smells like gunpowder. 5.) Usopps favorite island and season is Summer on an Autumn Island. 6.) Usopps favorite food is Pike from an autumn island as well as other fish of the season, and he hates mushrooms, he ate a poisonous o e when he was a kid and got sick. 7.) If the crew were a family Ussop would be the third son. 8.) In the real world Usopp would be African and work as a Graphic Designer. 9.) Usopp was supposed to be a vice captain/sniper that resembled his father more.
And now our perverted chef Sanji. 1.) Sanji, if he were an animal, would be a duck. 2.) Sanjis numbers are 05; 32 (San-ji); 59 (Ko-kku, or cook); 07. 3.) Sanjis color is Blue. 4.) Sanji smells like cigarettes and seafood. 5.) Sanjis favorite island and season is Robin-chan on a Nami-san Island..... 6.) Sanjis favorite food is Spicy seafood pasta and food that complements black tea and his least favorite is Konjac (Not nutritious). 7.) If the crew were a family Sanji would be the second son. 8.) In the real world Sanji would be French and work as a Beauty Salon Worker. 9.) Sanji was supposed to have a somewhat thicker goatee from the beginning.
The lovable and adorable Doctor. 1.) Chopper is based of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. 2.) Choppers numbers are 06; 05 3.) Choppers color is pink. 4.) Choppers favorite island and season is Spring on a Winter Island. 5.) Choppers favorite food is Cotton candy, chocolate, and other sweet food and drinks and he least favorite food is All things spicy (It's not sweet). 6.) If the crew were a family Copper would be the youngest son. 7.) In the real world Chopper would be Canadian and work as an Elementary School Teacher. 8.) Chopper was supposed to be more of a "realistic-looking reindeer".
Nick Robin, the Archaeologist 1.) Robin would be a Crane if she were an animal. 2.) Robins numbers are 07; 25 (Ni-co); 08. 3.) Robins color is purple. 4.) Robin smells like flowers. 5.) Robins favorite island and season is Autumn on a Spring Island. 6.) Robins favorite food is Sandwiches, cakes that aren't too sweet, and food that complements coffee, she does not like gum though, she can't swallow it. 7.) If the crew were a family Robin would be the mother. 8.) In the real world Robin would be Russian and work as a Cabin Attendant. 9.) Robin replaced a man that was supposed to be more of a plant lover than a history lover.
The shipwright and perversion of nature, Franky! 1.) If Franky were an animal, he would be a Bull. 2.) Franky's numbers are 08; 02. 3.) Franky's color is light blue. 4.) Franky smells like cola. 5.) Franky's favorite island and season is Summer on a Spring Island. 6.) Franky's favorite food is Hamburgers, french fries, and food that complements cola, and his least favorite Marshmallow (It's not hard). 7.) If the crew were a family Franky would be the father. 8.) In the real world Franky would be American and work as a Pilot. 9.) Franky replaced the original midget carpenter.
And last but not least, The humming swordsmen Brook 1.) If Brook was a animal, he would be a horse. 2.) Brooks numbers are 09; 43 (Yo-mi, or revive); 06 3.) Brooks colors are black and white. 4.) Brook smells like tea. 5.) Brooks favorite island and season is Summer on a Spring Island. 6.) Brooks favorite food is Tea and takoyaki, and his least favorite is Lemon (Can't make a sour face). 7.) If the crew were a family Brook would be the grandfather. 8.) In the real world Brook would be Austrian and work as a Detective. 9.) Brook also was supposed to have a Cavalier hat, instead of his trademark afro.
( ⬆ Early concept of the crew) So there ya go, some interesting facts regarding the Strawhats. There are many more facts but it would take forever xD. I hope you liked it, and I will be doing g another one of these for The Worst Generation/ Supernovas. @LuffyNewmen
@AntaresBohanon Oda said Zoro is depicted as a tiger a lot, but more closely resembles a shark
I thought like zoro was a tiger @nimm14