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Finally back home after a stressful yet a memorable week with this cuties!! Good to meet them again after almost 10 months. They sure have grown much… hahaha Didn't expect JeUp to greet first coz the last time I remember he was more of the shy scared one but this time...this time, he's certainly out-grown that in a good way hahaha. If you were to ask me to describe this kids personalities, I'd probably sum it up like - Jian - Ever lost child (kinda reminds me of #Exo Lay if u know what I mean) Je-Up - Sexy one. The kid just gets to you no kidding. Taeho - Touch of Diva with a bad boy attitude *I dont know if that even make sense* hahaha Lee Sang - Dorky & always up with some funny tactics Ungjae - That little puppy you wanna protect and adopt. They are fire on stage but off stage they are just a bunch of adorkable fluffy puppies!!!!!
@IsoldaPazo Lollipop is a lively song but my fav is "Trouble Maker" even "Shine" is good too. You should check out if you haven't. They do well in live performance as well
@PeachyLife major one and they only released lollipop but I love them for this song it sounds like Lolita whom was a very very dear aunt that's why lol
@IsoldaPazo hahaha yeah...Imfact fan?
yasssss imfact!!!