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Hello! I will be representing one of your favorite goofs and the Dancing machine Eukwangie ♡ ❧ I am so excited to help the beautiful Mod @Helixx & work alongside the Melodys♡ Congrats again for the Mod position Helixx!!
❧ SO my name is @AimeeH ♡ BUT you can simply call me Aimee or Aimee-Lynne. Either works for me!

❧ Selfie ^There

❧ I'm a goofy one!

My love for BTOB, actually goes back a long time. ♡ With CUBE Ent. being the first company that I learned of, since I was a B2uty first, I ventured onto the wonderful world of BTOB.

After falling head over heels for Beast, I looked up other artist in the same company. BTOB looked like trouble, my middle name is trouble, so I jumped head first into them.

That is where I fell in love with the boys. I was still fairly new to them, but everything that ever had them in it, I was on it.

{Eukwangie fell in love with me, and decided that he'd bias me; so I let him.}

Just as BEAST was my healing process during the most scary battle of my life, BTOB was right up there with them. The combination of the two groups, as well as Cross Gene, put my mind and heart at peace when I was battling Cervical Cancer. So, these groups are my angels, and I adore them so much. That is when my love for Kpop and these groups developed more.

Eukwangie & Changsub with their goofiness, made me happy. They snatched me up and never let me go ♡ I am so happy about that too.

♡ Changsub is my #2 Bias ♡

♡ Eunkwang IS my main bias, and I will be representing him in the group ♡

{I'm starting to believe that the wonderful mods are trying to tell me something. . . every member I represent is a bit of a doof & goof. . I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT!!}

♡ I can't promise that I will look that good in a skirt/dress, but I can promise the goofiness galore.

♡ I hope you will grow to love MEEEEEEEEEE ♡

♡ I am very excitable like him ⬆

♡ The Savage levels I have are Eukwangie ♡

I'm Multifandom. . . I am literally a landfill for many Groups.

ST☆ RLIGHTS ♡ CandY ♡ EXO-L ♡ Madpeople ♡ KEY ♡ BABYZ ♡ Unicorn ♡ B2UTY ♡ SHAWOL ♡ ARMY ♡ Topp Klass ♡ Monbebe ♡ 24U ♡ Snuper ♡ Road Boyz ♡ Miso ♡ Perfection ♡ Alpha ♡ BBC ♡ Royal Family ♡ Kiss me ♡ Many more. . .

I am also a support for the Following Groups:


And the Cross Gene Mod ♡

I am so very excited to do this with you! Let's all have a great quarter and show these boys some love!

《If you see my name as Landfill Trashy- Trash in the info in the Community, that is all because I am Eukwangie's trash. He can take me out anyday. I didn't want there to be any miscommunication or discrepancies on the name. ♡ It's all because I love him and I am his landfill. He's a perfect Angel♡》

❣ Melody Mod Squad ❣

If you would like to be added to the tag, leave a comment below, or you can [Click Here]

BTOB Tag list:

@JaxomB Oh my gosh yes they are!
I go back and forth between Eunkwang and MinHyuk....they are both so adorakable.
@IsoldaPazo Dawwweeeeeeee I love you tooooo!! 😍😍
😍😍😍 now my love for you doubles, triples....actually it's neverending bc of cross gene lol
@StephanieDuong AWE thank you babey! ♡♡♡
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