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Go Mi-nyeo (Park Shin-hye) has lived at an orphanage with her twin brother, Go Mi-nam (also played by Park Shin-hye), since childhood, after their father died. Years later, her brother becomes a music idol, and Mi-nyeo lives in junior nun dorm to reach her dream of becoming a nun. Her idol twin brother Mi-nam, successfully wins the "A.N Entertainment" vocal auditions for musical band "A.N.JELL," but Mi-nam must leave in order to correct his botched plastic surgery in the United States. Ma Hoon-yi (Mi-nam's manager, played by Kim In-kwon) approaches Mi-nyeo to pose as Mi-nam for a month till he recovers. Mi-nyeo is against it at first, but eventually agrees, as a path to fame would give the twins an opportunity to find their mother. Mi-nyeo, posing as Mi-nam, joins the band A.N.JELL and meets its members: Hwang Tae-kyung (Jang Keun-suk), Jeremy (Lee Hong-gi) and Kang Shin-woo (Jung Yong-hwa). At first, Tae-kyung does not like Mi-nam and makes her life hard, while Shin-woo and Jeremy are friendly to her. Tae-kyung discovers that Mi-nam is a girl and threatens to reveal it; however, Mi-nam manages to win him over, and he allows her to stay, while fighting his feelings that are beginning to develop. Shin-woo discovers her true identity before anyone does but does not reveal it and develops feelings for her; Jeremy, thinking Mi-nam is a boy, unknowingly starts to fall for her too. She ends up finding love with Tae-kyung. The story follows Mi-nyeo, who has to keep her secret away from the cameras while performing with A.N.JELL, and her journey in discovering her mother's past, which is somehow connected with Tae-kyung.

EPISODES: 16 (2009) GENRE: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Musical


Jeremy (Lee Hong-gi) is the most precious character ever, he is so adorable and funny. I love his cute personality, he's a little dense and slow to catching on to the things. He doesn't know that Go Mi-nam is actually a girl until it is announced to everyone while everyone else already knew he was the only one who didn't. So, he was very upset about that and he also later finds out that she likes Hwang Tae-kyung. Jeremy likes Go Mi-nam so watching his heart being ripped out of his heart rips our hearts out as well. Everyone that was attached to Jeremy's character cried along with him when he was crying in the bus while singing a song meant for Mi-nam. It was so heart wrenching and sad to watch. Out of the whole cast, Jeremy is the one that everyone will more than likely remember the most because he is so likable and cute. BTW Lee Hong-gi looks great with blonde hair but some of his hairstyles were laughable.


Go Mi-nyeo (Park Shin-hye) has to act as her brother Go Mi-nam and be part of band known as A.N.JELL. She was a nun until the manager of Go Mi-nam came up to her and asked her to take her brother's place until he heals from his surgery. So she must act as a boy, she is a kind-hearted, talented and overall bright person that shines in front of all the guys in the band. She struggles to make sure her identity doesn't get exposed and the first person to know that he is really a she is the 2nd male lead Shin-woo. He finds out really early in the show, I think it was at the end of episode 1 or 2. She slowly falls for Tae-kyung.


Hwang Tae-kyung (Jang Guen-suk) is a petty, picky band leader who has a cold exterior and is troubled by his past. He becomes softer as his feelings for Mi-nyeo grow. He has night blindness, he is rude most of the time and is selfish. But he can be so adorable especially when he smiles, he looks like a cuddly teddy bear when he gives a warm smile. He is a neat freak and hates being dirty. He constantly changes his clothes and takes a bunch of showers when he feels dirty. Tae-kyung flipped when Mi-nyeo puked on him... It was hilarious though.


Kang Shin-woo (Jung Yong-hwa) is so sweet and handsome. You may have seen him play the male lead in Heartstrings were he actually ended up with Shin-hye in that but that's not this case in this drama. I'm sorry to say it but I like him better as the cold yet sweet guy from Heartstrings not as 2nd male lead. I didn't fall for him in this but instead fell for Tae-kyung who is cold yet nice deep down inside. These two have their moments, he is also the 1st to find out that she is actually a girl and he fell for her first but she didn't feel the same.


Go Mi-nyeo and Hwang Tae-kyung are so adorable. In the beginning of the drama these two were so laughable and funny to watch them argue. I loved when Tae-kyung got mad at her. And their first kiss...or should I say 2nd? Well he kisses her and doesn't know why he did it and was shocked as to why he was kissing her. It was funny. Their 1st kiss was really funny, it was an accident where she was drunk, fell on top of him and her lips touched his and then she puked. GROSS! But XD, I couldn't stop laughing. The 3rd kiss was a shock because he makes it seem as though he is going to punch her but instead acts like he is going to punch and grabs her, then kisses her. They are really cute, and I love that he created a stuffed animal just for her that is a combination of a pig and a rabbit. WARNING Lots of shocked faced kiss scenes!


"As Ever/Still" by Lee Hong-gi which sounds great, Hong-gi has a powerful. "Without Words" by Park Shin-hye and Jang Geun-suk also sang it. I enjoy his version more, I always loved his voice so much. These were the only songs I really remember that I liked!


I love this drama, it holds a special place in my heart but there are a couple flaws. 1. Too many shocked face kissing scenes to the point of it being way overused. 2. They made Jung Yong-hwa super orange which made me angry, he didn't look natural at all but the rest of the cast looked normal. Those were really my main issues with this drama. I love the gender bender storyline, it's always been one of my favorites and the girl doesn't look so girly like the girls in other dramas. She could pass for a boy! GOOD JOB! The storyline wasn't lacking, each character is likable in their own way. The main couple is really adorable and funny. They also had some chemistry but the kisses were really aggravating but that's because this was early on when Shin-hye didn't know how to kiss at all. It wasn't Jang Guen-suk, if you've watched any of his other dramas you would understand that he isn't a bad kisser at all. Those chose the right actors and they all performed well! I applaud Hong-gi for his emotional scene because he did amazing. The music was good, I just don't really remember the soundtrack all that well and the songs aren't ones that I would download to be honest.


8/10 - It is a cute romantic/ comedy about a band that involves gender bender and recommend it. It's a classic kdrama that most people have either heard of or watched. You're Beautiful is loved by many including me! It never loses your interest and keeps you entertained.

Have you watched "You're Beautiful", and did you like it?

Haha I've watched that drama over 10times and I still cry... 😅
I love this drama. I cried 😂😂
@KpopGaby I don't think I could watch Secret Garden more than once, that was a drama that I can only watch once. @JaxomB Honestly Shin-Hye passed for a boy in my book, same with Eun-Hye in Coffee Prince. Yes, I was going to say that about Dramafevers mascot being the piggy bunny. It's so cute! @Mavis2478 Yes, it gives him character and it's so cute when he's mad.
@KpopGaby WOW XD That's amazing! @Tamaki1618 I actually didn't even know Hong Gi until I watched this drama. I knew all of the other main leads because of Love Rain and Heartstrings.
@biancadanica98 I agree ☺️
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