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Here is the second screenshot game and this time it will have a summer spin to it.
He showed up at your door to early in the morning to take you with him and the others to the beach.
He kept teasing you on how you looked that morning.
You sat next to him on the way to the beach and fell asleep on his shoulder (take two screenshots)
He carried you out of the car and threw you in the ocean.
You blamed him for throwing you in the ocean when it was someone else.
He blocked the sunlight because he wanted to make a sand castle with you.
He joined in on building the sand castle.
He ruined the sand castle when it was finished.
When the sun was going down he surprised everyone with fireworks.
While shooting off fireworks he pulled you aside and confessed to you.
He was the one that you went home with.
There you go another screenshot game I hope you enjoy. Tag me in you results so I can see how everyone turns out. Also I forgot to let you guess know that as a support for Q3 within the Beast community I am in charge of the games. So I hope you all enjoy!
Q3 Squad
If i forgot anyone please let me know!