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Okay back with another one shot fanfic! I was reading a card I was tagged in about BTS which got me thinking, I should write another one shot! So here is my next one shot with the oldest member of BTS!
Do not scroll down unless you are mature enough to read this material. Smut, freaky kinky, nasty graphic scenes, scroll down at you own risk.
First time with Jin You walk in your bedroom wearing your party outfit as you walk towards Jin, wrapping you it arms around his neck and giving him a hug. "I like you Jin" you whisper in his ear. You then kiss his neck three times. "Ive been wanting to tell you that at the party." You whisper in his ear again and kiss his neck three times. "But I couldn't tell you because it was too loud and my ex tried to win me back but I said no to him because I like you too much." You whispered in his ear again as you kissed his neck three times more. "Tonight I'm gonna make you mine and have you." You whispered again in his ear as you kissed his neck and slid your hands under his shirt and rubbed him seductively. "I'm gonna seduce you like it's our first time making love to anyone." You whisper to him as you continue to rub his back and kiss him at the same time. He stops you by setting his hands on your shoulders and adjusts you to where he is staring at your eyes. You stare at his eyes too and you both climb on the bed and get under the covers and start making out with each other, him hovering over you, as you unhook your bra and start to slip it off, then you threw it on the ground off and next to the bed. You then start to take off your ugly sweater and drop it to the ground. After that you started to peel off your clothes until you were topless. As you were taking off your layers, you were kissing Jin's lips the entire time until he saw your breasts. He groped them and started squeezing them as if they were toys, then he licked them, twirling your nipples around his tongue as you start to feel yourself leaking and you attempted to lift his shirt until it was off. He then stopped to look at you and then he kissed your neck as you tried to slip your jeans off to let your legs breathe, then you were really leaking as you let out a small moan. He heard you and you then turned him over so that you were on top. You kissed his lips, while you were kissing him, he traced your body line down to your butt and he slid your soft, silky, nude-colored panties off and threw them on the ground on the other side of the bed. You stopped kissing him and he turned you over and started to undo his pants and take them off with his underwear. Your eyes were closed the entire time ever since you turned him over and they're still closed as you try to breathe. After he took off his pants and underwear revealing his dick, he went for your precious body part and shoved his tongue up your hole and you wrapped your legs around his waist and your hands were on his head on the back of his neck as he licked your buns clean and dry. It felt so good, you didn't want him to stop, luckily you kept leaking and he continued to lick you until you stopped leaking and your buns were dry. As he was eating you out, he was taking his sneakers off as well as his socks and he shoved them on the ground at the foot of the bed. He then kissed your lips and you both get back under the covers and make out. As you two were making out, you two were rolling around on the bed until he found a good stopping point at the center of the bed and he shoved his dick inside of your hole. You turned him over slamming him in the same spot you were in as he did it, and you humped on his junk as he shoved his dick inside of you and pulled you close as you were grinding your hips next to his pelvic bone and kissing his head because it was the only thing you could do and the only place you could kiss him. You were grinding on his pelvis so hard for so long that your bed cover came off as the both of you slid off the bed and fell to the ground. You both stopped making love when you hit the ground as the both of you were moaning and groaning in pain after falling off the bed. Before the both of you were moaning and groaning in pain he removed his dick from your hole and you rolled off of him in between him and the bed. After the two of you let out your pain, you both got up and climbed back on the bed and slept until the sun had risen. You slowly rise from your bed, waking up to your naked body and him sleeping right next to you. You tried to push the covers off until you were greeted by him sleeping naked like you. You were surprised by his dick as your eyes crossed and you looked away immediately. You had totally forgotten that you made love to him last night as you started the shower and gathered your necessary items of toiletry and started to wash yourself clean and shaved your legs after you washed your body. You then turned off the shower water and put your robe on and tied your hair up in a towel. You walked over to your bed to wake Jin up. "Jin! wake up! You need to leave! Go home!" You said as you shook him until he slowly rose up from his sleep only to find that you were in a robe and he was, well, you know, naked. He gasped and covered his dick with his hands and got off your bed, kissing your forehead and putting his clothes back on. "Good morning Jin!" You said to him. "Good morning my love!" He said back after he got dressed quickly. "That's my boy!" You said to your self as he walked out of your apartment. "Bye Jin! Have a good day!" You said to him. "You too sweetheart!" He replied walking away from your door.
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Yeah, but the girl slipped her shoes off! She was wearing heels! @Jaysbae13 and @KaeliShearer I will add you to my friend list and you can suggest other idols! You have been added!
wait...he still had his shoes on? lol
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