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First up is cute day! Are you guys ready?
Tada! The skirt and crop top sweater combo, coupled with cute accessories and perfect bangs make up this cute outfit! Just like Minhyuk's aegyo, this outfit is cute and full of love! Can't you just see yourself strolling down the street, hand in hand with Minhyuk on a cute date, wearing this? I sure can!
And here's Minhyuk's matching couple outfit! They may not look exactly the same but they still look the same and together, the give off the air of a totally cute and perfect couple. Who wants to wear this cute couple's outfit with Minhyuk? I do!
that's cute ❤
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Not for me, but I can see a small cute girl wearing it. I'd just look ridiculous.
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@JaxomB I can relate >@<, I'd look pretty funny wearing this
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