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I watch every single Archer season over and over. It's my show before I go to sleep and when I get going in the morning! So Archer peeps, can you name this season? @danidee and the rest of the Archer spy club.
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Season 4, yo! This is the Anthony Bourdain episode. 😍 It's one of my favorite episodes. I loooove it! 😂
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@ButterflyBlu @LAVONYORK WHAT?! I've never even SEEN this one.
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@danidee YESSS! Bourdain voices the chef that owns the restaurant they are undercover in on this episode. The character is half Bourdain, half Gordan Ramsey. There are so many little things about the real chefs hidden in the background of this show that it's RIDICULOUS...and I loved every single minute. lol
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@ButterflyBlu Yessssss. I will have to watch it. It sounds hilarious.
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I loved this one. OMG. archer came around to the chef as a men's profession.... lol
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