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The next few days I didn't hear from Junior. I was a little sad but I kept busy. It was finally my day to see Arlene and even though I was just going to see her for a bit I was hoping Junior would be there again. I knocked on the door and waited a bit, the door opened and there was Arlene. I smiled. "Hi" I said "Hi, (Y/n)" She said moving out of the way to have me come in "How is everything?" I asked "It's good, I want to say thank you." "Why are you thanking me?" She looked towards her kitchen then back at me then really quietly started talking again. "Because of you I've seen my grandson alot more. " She smiled "Oh I doubt that's my doing." I laughed looking down. "I don't think it's because of me." "Did he come visit you today?" I asked looking around. "Actually..." before she could finish her sentence Junior walked out. "(y/n) how are you?" He smiled walking over to us. "I'm good and you?" "Great!" He smiled and I looked down at my feet. "Let me go grab your payment real quick." Arlene said and walked away leaving me and Junior alone. "So I have a question to ask you." He said walking closer to me. "What's that?" I said still not looking at him. "Would you want to go bowling with me tomorrow night?" He asked and then I finally looked up at him. He was smiling cutely at me. "What?" I had a shocked face on. "I mean with my friend Mark and I. You can bring a friend too if you want." "Ok I'd love too." I finally said after a few seconds of not saying anything. "Awesome, I'll text you when we'll pick you two up." He said and then at that moment Arlene walked out. "Here's your payment" She said handing me a check. "Thanks." I put it in my bag so I wouldn't lose it. "So when is the date?" She said smiling at me. "How do you know?" I asked a little puzzled he wasn't talking to loud that she could have heard him. "Oh Junior was asking me what you would say if he asked you out." "Oh he did?" I smiled looking at him and saw his face turning a little pink. "yea he was so cute about it." she continued "What did you tell him I'd say?" "I said of course you'd say yes to him." "Ok grandma that's enough." He said turning to face her. "Oh I'm sorry I'm embarrasing you aren't I" She smiled and looked at me. "Well it's cute." I chimed in causing him to turn and look at me. "See its working in your favor." I started laughing. She was being too much. He didn't know what to do so he just stared at me. "Ok I should go, you two have fun." I said turning towards the door. "Bye (y/n) I'll see you next week." I turned a bit to face her. "bye see you then." I waved to her. "bye Junior see you tomorrow." I did a little wave. "bye" He said and I walked out the door and shut it. Before I walked away I could hear them talking. "You're very welcome." "Grandma that was so embarrassing, I can do this on my own." "I know it's just fun watching you flustered." She laughed. I walked away. Arlene is a feisty woman and even her grandson gets part of it. The rest of the day went by fast and I arrived at home. Jenni was at the counter in the kitchen writing. "Jenni I have something to ask you." I said going to the cabinet and grabbing some chips. "What's that?" "Would you go bowling with me tomorrow?" "I don't really like bowling." "Come on you don't hate it it's just because you suck and get a low score." "Hey that classifies as I don't like it." "Please go with me tomorrow, I promise you'll have a good time." "What's the catch?" She said looking at me, she knew me all too well. " Junior asked me to go bowling with him and his friend and he said I could bring a friend." "So it'll be a double date?" She asked. "Sorta." "I don't need to date (y/n)" "Please! Do this for me! I know you don't want to date anyone but I'm just saying you're going as my wing woman." "If I do this what do I get out of it?" "You get to see how cute Junior is." "That's not good enough." "Fine I'll do all the laundry and dishes for 2 weeks no complaining." I held out my hand so we could shake on it. "How about 3 weeks and I'll do it." "Fine 3 weeks." I said and she shook my hand. "I'm so excited for tomorrow.' I said and ran off to my room. I had things to do over the rest of the night before I was heading to be I go a text message. *Ding* Junior: Hey well meet you at the coffee shop we went to on 6th ok? Me: Ok, what time? Junior: Can we do 5? Me: I think we can do that. :) Junior: Ok see you tomorrow. Me: So excited, bye Then I forced Myself to go to bed. I was going to have a long day. It was Friday finally and the day went by somewhat slow but once I was out of work I was gone. Finally it was 430 and I dragged Jenni out the door. We walked into the Coffee shop and Junior wasn't there. We waited since we had gotten there 15 mins early. The bell on the door went off and I looked at the door and in walked Junior. He saw me and walked over to us. "Hey!" He said when he was close enough. "Hey" both Jenni and I said. "What's your name?" He asked looking at Jenni. "It's Jenni, nice to meet you Junior. " She said smiling at him. "Where's your friend?" I asked "He's gonna meet us here he had to finish something up." "Ok but if he doesn't show up I'm leaving, I'm not gonna be a third wheel." Jenni said. "Don't worry he'll be there." We finally got in his car and arrived at our destination. We got out of the car and then someone yelled. "Junior!" We all turned to look. There was a guy with pink hair running at us. "Hey Mark." "Sorry I couldn't go with you to pick them us." He said. "Nah It's ok." Junior said "Hi I'm Mark" He said to me holding out his hand for me to shake. "Hi I'm (y/n) and that's my friend Jenni." I said pointing to Jenni and I turned to face her and saw she was frozen still. "Hi Jenni." Mark said to her. "Hi" She said quietly which was a rare thing. He then went over to Junior while I ran over to her. "What was that?" "I don't know he just....took my breath away." "So I bet now your glad you came." I laughed. "Very." "Ok let's go bowl!" Junior said and we all started walking inside.
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