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Lately I have been feeling like I'm not important along with other things I still smile but I'm a mess inside
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.....I've swear I've seen that anime but forgot the name or maybe I'm getting it confused with another anime but what is picture 5s anime name?? @JesceniaMata
hey! go out there and have an adventure! screw reality and make it your own! make your own mark or maybe go further beyond a mark and make your stand on your own path you created!
Thanks guys so much
You're going to meet people on both sides of the path ones that'll easily forget and ones that'll remember you forever, but the thing is to keep moving forward. We've all felt this way once but we try our best to keep fighting that darkness of ours, just don't give into it.
@JesceniaMata Yeah, times can suck. Just remember, things get better, and as you can see here, there are those that care.