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wish there would of bin a season 2
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@AdamDean oh Damn really? I haven't seen it cuz I keep think it might not be as good or that ima be mad when i finish it I've only seen some clips
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@Silver925 there's nothing wrong with it, from a production standpoint. It feels just like the previous season, and follows the manga accurately, but its handled by a different studio so the animation is different. Different enough that cannon source material is labeled an ova despite being appropriately lengthed and continuations.
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i cried at the end of the manga šŸ–•šŸ–•āœŒšŸš®šŸ“µ
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@JabirAli the photo or the feeling of loss? I felt it was kinda rushed, but still enjoyed it.
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bruh when it ended i dident know what to do wit my life lol lol than i started watchin rosario vampire it helped get over it lol lol lol
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