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We already talked about the rainy season in Seoul, but let's check out some more rain vocab!

(for rainy season lesson, check it out here)

Umbrella - Epik High (ft. Younha)

우산 - Umbrella


Rain - Lim Kim

빗소리 - Rain sound (the music the rain makes hitting the window)


비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days) - B2ST

비가 오는 날 - Rainy Day (a day when its raining)

(bee-ga oh-neun-nal)

What's your favorite rainy day song?

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Rain sound by BAP
2 years ago·Reply
flower cafe by Monsta X Jooheon, I.M. & Sam Ock!!!
2 years ago·Reply
lonely by 2ne1
2 years ago·Reply
BTS Rain... It came on my shuffle when it was pouring down yesterday too!
2 years ago·Reply