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Rainy Day Playlist and Vocab

We already talked about the rainy season in Seoul, but let's check out some more rain vocab!

(for rainy season lesson, check it out here)

Umbrella - Epik High (ft. Younha)

우산 - Umbrella


Rain - Lim Kim

빗소리 - Rain sound (the music the rain makes hitting the window)


비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days) - B2ST

비가 오는 날 - Rainy Day (a day when its raining)

(bee-ga oh-neun-nal)

What's your favorite rainy day song?

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Rain sound by BAP
a year ago·Reply
flower cafe by Monsta X Jooheon, I.M. & Sam Ock!!!
a year ago·Reply
lonely by 2ne1
a year ago·Reply
BTS Rain... It came on my shuffle when it was pouring down yesterday too!
a year ago·Reply