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What's up everyone??? It's ya ELF Fish Rep Kim here and what better way to enjoy the 4th of July is with a little Super Junior M. In this card, we're gonna take a peak of all of our members.
First up, we have Han Geng. Han Geng was one of the original member of Super Junior (2005-2009)and Super Junior M from 2008-2009. Unfortunally, due to differences, Han Geng ended up leaving Super Junior and has gone on to have a sucessful music career
Now we have our 86 line (the older line) Next up, we have the oh so cute Sungmin. Sungmin didn't join Super Junior M untill 2011. Currently he is on active military duty as of 2015. Here we have Mr. Zhou Mi. Zhou Mi is the only member (besides Henry) that is not apart of Super Junior. Neverless, he's still apart of the SJ family.
Now we have our 86 line (the younger group). Up next, we have Siwon (2008-current). Not to get confused with Zhou Mi (when I first got into them, I was getting them confused). Currently, he is on active military duty as of 2015. Now we have one of the main dancers of the group, Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk didn't join until 2011. Currently, he is on active military duty as of 2015. Last but not least of the 86 line is our lovable fishy, Donghae (2008- current). Currently, he is on active military duty as of 2015.
This next group is the babies or Maknaes. First up is Ryeowook. He has been in the group since 2008. As of right now, he is currently with the remaining members of Super Junior doing a Super Junior Camp and getting ready for military duty. Next up, we have Kyuhyun, evil Maknae(2008-current). He maybe the 2nd youngest in Super Junior-M, but he is still causing trouble. Currently, he is with his fellow band members doing Super Junior Camp. Last but not least, we have the maknae of the group, Henry (2008-current). Like Zhou Mi, Henry is not an original member of Super Junior, but he is still apart of the SJ family.
Now I leave you with one of my favorite video's by them. Have a good night!!!! XOXO Kim Tagging the ELF REPS : @GamerKyumin @CuteBabyLay @twistedPuppy @KokoroNoTakara
@szewwy I saw that too. I wanted to go too
@Kpossible4250 oh ok thanks! I saw they were coming to America and I really wanted to go but then it got canceled.
@szewwy It's pretty much like a concert where they meet their fans
I LOVE super junior was my 1st group I got in to back in 2010 heechul and hangeng are my ultimate bias Super Junior (m) fighting!!
Thx for the tag I love this card I really wish they can include Henry and Zhoumi as Oficial members of Super Junior. We as fans should do something about that
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