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I know many people are not going to risk their lifes for humanity because your life is worth more than alll your family's and your friends' I mean it's cool (not really, how selfish) but I would actually join the army or whatever is in this world and actually try to save humanity, cause I would rather die than see my family be killed by a freaking ten meter tall naked dude. Plus, if there are titans...... there is a Levi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and I would do anything to at least see him so I would be excited, scared (of course) what would you do? If you would rather be under a rock doing nothing crying like a bitch while others die to save your a$$, I totally respect that. But remember your choice can and with change EVERYTHING
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@StarRainTearBow so what you are saying is that since you didn't understand at first no one else can?
for reeeeeaaaaals tho hahahaha ;)
@Mikazuki1 Not @ all... just pointing out the data traps. You don't want to listen, go ahead & stick your head in the guillotine glory hole. Saving me time wasting explaining it. 😉
I'll carve my name in history by killing as many titans as I can.
i'd probably die quickly or live long enough to be mikasa (but with a psycho streak)