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I know many people are not going to risk their lifes for humanity because your life is worth more than alll your family's and your friends' I mean it's cool (not really, how selfish) but I would actually join the army or whatever is in this world and actually try to save humanity, cause I would rather die than see my family be killed by a freaking ten meter tall naked dude. Plus, if there are titans...... there is a Levi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and I would do anything to at least see him so I would be excited, scared (of course) what would you do? If you would rather be under a rock doing nothing crying like a bitch while others die to save your a$$, I totally respect that. But remember your choice can and with change EVERYTHING
i'd probably die quickly or live long enough to be mikasa (but with a psycho streak)
I'll carve my name in history by killing as many titans as I can.
...the real question is... Do you want *anything* left...? 😈 (The universe's standard protocol for those who want to reduce the universe to sludge is to transport them back to the primordial ooze, where they can ooze all they want for the next couple billion years)...and that's actually just the starting line... (the finish line is not ending up its tailpipe w/ the same result) 😂
hmm, I might actually fight! Sure, I'd probably die before I even made it through training, but at least I'd get to play around with that 3dmg before I went out!
@Mikazuki1 Not @ all... just pointing out the data traps. You don't want to listen, go ahead & stick your head in the guillotine glory hole. Saving me time wasting explaining it. 😉
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