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Follow Your Dreams...ish?

Which side are you guys on: Bo Burnham's or Taylor Swift's?

Do you think anyone can become rich and famous if they put enough effort into it, or is it all just a matter of sheer luck at the end of the day?
Burnham's. He's basically telling you to have a back up plan and not invest everything you have into something that might not happen
at the end of the day it's luck
@raikage00 ........ And so it is.......Amen.....
Fame and talent are 2 different things. U can work hard to improve yourself and your abilities but you'll only be as famous as the world allows you to be. Fame like that of Taylor swift is luck and it's not to say that she hasn't worked hard but that doesn't correlate directly to her status. I.e. Some people have to do nothing to be famous like Kim kardashian or Paris Hilton.
Well I happen to be a huge Bo Burnham fan, and that's mostly cuz I'm fond of common sense! I'm with Bo on this 1- sorry Taylor
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