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Who:ReaderxLu Han What: Mature Content. Story: N/A
"Lu hasn't this game gone on long enough?" you said squeezing your legs together. "The longer it takes for you to find them the higher the setting goes." he said simply raising the intensity of the vibrating toy between your legs. You had woken up to Lu Han hovering over top of you and a slight sensation between your legs, making you release small moans. He was looking at you upset and he lowered himself to your ear, "You're going to get up now Jagi and you're going to find those deer socks you bought me, OK?" You looked up at him confused thinking he was joking, "What are you talking about Lu?" He pressed the vibrator into you harder and only turned up the intensity for a second to make a point. "Last night, you left the living room out of order, it looked a mess. Now I've cleaned everything up but you're not going to get off so easily babe." "Lu Han!" you moaned his name at the feeling of the vibration pressed against your nerves. He lowered the intensity again to where it almost felt like a tickle but it made you wiggle your hips a bit missing the feeling it gave you. You looked back up at his face while sitting yourself up. He was upset; you fell asleep after practically pulling the living room apart looking for a work document that was supposed to be sent in by eleven only to find out that you had sent that document in the day before at eleven. You were so tired yesterday everything had gone wrong. You had fallen asleep before you got to clean up the living room and that was long before Lu Han came home. He was such a neat freak too which now made you understand the trouble you were in. You looked at him innocently, "Why am I looking for your socks?" you asked. "It's a little game, I've hidden the socks somewhere and you have to find them. If you take too long I will gradually increase the intensity." "What happens if I don't find them?" He smiled and some how his eyes shinned in a dangerous way, "Oh baby you don't want to know. Now get up and start looking." Now you were here, the speed had been raised higher but hadn't yet hit Max, your legs were too weak to get up and look now. You were sitting on the couch next to him and he was resting his elbow on the arm of the couch, his legs crossed and his eyes looking down at the magazine in his lap. You peeked over to see what he was looking at and there on the page was a beautiful woman in a red sexy dress, "Lu you're being so mean, you didn't even ask why I had done that." "It doesn't matter you know the rules and we had a deal. You'd keep the place clean, you know I don't like things out of order." "Babe I'm sorry but I can't move around much more, I can't take it please just let me take it out." You begged. You were biting your lip trying to contain any noises of pleasure, he finally looked up at you and gave you a kiss. You felt his hand reach into your pajama pants and touch your underwear "Look at that, my princess is soaking wet. I could help relieve you if only you'd do as I ask." He leaned into your ear whispering, "If you were more obedient you wouldn't be suffering right now. I could be inside you already. Or would you prefer both me and the vibrator?" "Lu." you whimpered in his ear. You could feel him bite the bottom of your earlobe. His dirty words reaching your core, making you chew on your bottom lip and you started to rock your hips a bit, you needed him to do something and if he was too stubborn to take care of you now then you were going to coax him into it. He had turned the vibrator off though, "Oh babe you think I'm going to let you cum that easily?" He said. You sulked through your light panting, now wanting him more than before. How he had so much composure you didn't know. You stood up and continued searching for the socks feeling the vibrations start back up again from the beginning speed. You were trying to think of where the hell he'd put those damn socks until you started thinking about it. This was Lu Han. He was a neat freak so no way would he hide socks in any place they shouldn't be and since you knew they weren't in his sock drawer your eyes fell to the bottom of his pants. He hadn't noticed you looking but you smiled realizing his pants were just long enough to cover his socks. You slowly made your way over to him and said, "Lu Lu what happens if I find the socks?" "I'll give you a nice prize babe." he said still not looking up at you. You got down on your knees in front of him, you let your hand slide up his thigh slowly and carefully. He finally looked at you his eyes darker than before, arousal in his face. You smiled and pulled your hand back pulling off his shoes and seeing the socks on his feet. "Found them." You said smiling triumphantly. He stood up and grabbed his shoes placing them on the shoe rack. "That must've been killing you." you said. He never wore his shoes in the house when he was just lounging around. He didn't speak to you but you noticed the bulge in his pants. He grabbed your hand lifting you up and leading you to the bedroom in silence. He kept the door open behind him, since no one else was in the house; he didn't care but you did, the others had a key to the house and they walked in whenever they wanted. "I suppose you can come get your reward now." You watched as he unbuttoned his shirt rather slowly making you hungry for him. Your legs tensing up from the vibrators low vibrations still going. He took off his pants throwing them in the laundry basket to the side. His member fully erect and staring you in the face. You blushed hard at the sight and he spoke, "Suck." he commanded. You leaned forward your lips kissing the head before your mouth opened to take him in completely. Your head bobbed up and down and you felt his hand reach your hair guiding you while he thrusted carefully in your mouth. "That's right baby, just like that." he said through moans. He set the vibrator to max causing you to moan against his erection. You wiggled your hips, taking him deeper into your mouth. "Shit." he groaned pulling you off him. You wiped your mouth to stop the trail of saliva from following you. He pulled the vibrator off of you, tossing it to the side on the bed shocking you because he hadn't put it away neatly, no instead he was ripping your pants off along with you panties. He pulled your shirt off and quickly unsnapped your bra tossing everything to the floor. His craving for you finally taking over, he aligned himself with you and without warning thrusted hard inside you causing you to grip his arm and scream out his name. He stayed there for a second letting you adjust to him being completely inside you. You went back down to the bed and you took in a few breaths before he pulled out almost completely and then slammed into you again. "Lu!" You moaned. Again he slammed into you, hitting you deep and ushering loud cries of ecstasy from your lips. He lifted your leg up into his arm and buried his mouth into you neck fucking you harder while he left love bites all over you. You scratched at his back finally realizing that gripping the bed sheets and his arm wasn't enough. You heard his low growls muffled against you body as his head sank down to take your nipple into his mouth, sucking hard and biting down. "Fuck, Lu Han." you screamed. "Keep screaming my name baby, let the neighbors hear you." You didn't hold back you let your voice out as he continued moving in and out of you roughly. You felt yourself grip him tighter when he reapplied the vibrator on high to your clit. "Lu Han don't stop." "Say you're sorry Y/N." "I'm sorry Lu." you cried squeezing your eyes shut. You took a breath then shuddered when he pulled out of you. He laid down on the bed flicking his finger for you come over and get on top of him. You straddled him and he pushed you down on him without warning, both or you letting out moans. "Why are you sorry baby girl?" "For not cleaning up after myself." You began moving up and down on him till he slapped your ass. You leaned over placing your hands on his chest after the strike, "I didn't tell you, you could moved yet." he said. "Do you know what's going to happen to you if you do this again princess?" he finished. You shook your head, your eyes pleading for more. You wanted to move so badly. "If you do this again, I'm going tie you to the bed." He sat up to whisper the ending in your ear, "and set the vibrator on max pushing it so deep inside you, you'll be begging me to Fuck you." Your breath hitched at his dirty words, "Now move." he commanded. Finally being given your cue to move you bounced up and down at a steady pace enjoying the feeling of him inside you. You felt his hand on your waist while his lips grazed against your neck. You threw your head back, your hand in your hair as you felt yourself coming closer to the edge. "Keep going babe I'm almost there." he said. "Lu, I'm gonna cum." you cried softly. He flipped on top of you speeding up and rubbing your clit in circles to get you there faster. Your hand was gripping his arm while your other one was in your hair. Your moans loud as he yelled, "I love that face, come on baby cum for me." Not long after those words your body shook meeting its climax, your back arching up, your mouth releasing sweet noises of pleasure and shaking as you came back down from the sensual high. Lu Han came just slightly behind you in his release but continued to drive himself into you until he came down from his high. Your pants were in time with his as he laid on top of you, you lifted his face up, the adorable cute face you loved and recognized wedged between your naked breasts. He looked tired, "Lu Han." you said sweetly. "Yes princess." "When the hell did you buy a vibrator?" He laughed and rested his head back against your chest forgetting the mess he made in your bedroom.
Last One shot for the fourth of July. So you have a fluff one shot and a smut one shot. Bonus you get a pic of cutie Lu Lu. Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells
@VKookie47 That's Luhan for you all kinds of freaky πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
He wasn't lying when he said he's got that good good
@Kpossible4250 $uho's my daddy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@Kpossible4250 @QueenLee you guys are killing me with your comments I love it but let's be honest we all knew Little Luhan was a freak on the low.
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