CROSS GENE mod supporter


My name is Merry, and thanks to the beautiful @AimeeH I'm a supporter for the Cross Gene community.
This man is the one who got me into Cross Gene and my first Cross Gene Bias! I swear he looks like he just walked off the pages of some romantic Prince manga into real life and for this, I consider him a Prince.
I first saw him in his drama "The Lover" I fell for him then his character was just too adorable. I thought he was Korean because he spoke it so fluently but he's Japanese!! Best of both worlds for me since I love Japanese and Korean men.
Shin is my second bias from this group, I mean how can you not love him he's adorable. If I had a little brother I would love for him to be like Shin. Funny, and sweet. I love his relationship with his members especially Takuya seriously friendship and relationship goals. I'm a mix of both Shin and Takuya where Takuya can act cold to a point but Shin is affectionate they both really remind me of cats and I love cats and I act like a cat too so yeah. I guess that's also why I named my cat Takushi...