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안녕하십니까!!! How's your 4th of July celebration going so far? Good I hope. Anyways, I mentioned in the last card that I will tell you guys a story and @kpopandkimchi seems to be the only one interested. I'll tell you guys anyway. Alright, so my nephew and I were walking around the block a couple times, just hanging out, and we decided to come inside to get something to drink. When we came into the kitchen, we both saw this gallon jug on the counter and it had lemonade in it. We decided to just share a cup, so I've gotten the biggest plastic cup I could find. Mind you this cup was as big as the Styrofoam cups you get from the gas station. Anyways, I poured us a cup and Aaron, my nephew, took the first drink. He made a comment about it tasting weird, but I said it was probably because the lemonade has been sitting out in room temperature. He didn't want to take another drink, so I chugged the whole cup down, and went inside my room to lay down. According to my nephew at this point, my dad came running out of his bedroom and into the kitchen. He saw that there was some lemonade gone, more then what he initially took out. So he asked Aaron if he drunk any. Aaron said he only took a sip, but then he tood him that I had a whole glass of it. So my dad went to my room to check on me and asked if I was ok. Now, picture me saying "I'm fine" in the most wasted, high voice you can think of... That's my story. Alrighty then!! Let's get this show in the road. Today's Monday and it's time to introduce another member of this group, and it is...
Milo!!!! His real name is Kim MinHak (김민학) According to the other memvers, his nicknames are Minagi (미나기), Illo (일로), Haki (학이), Minnakeuna (민나크나), Milo-jjang (마일로짱), Kkap MinHak (깝민학), and Kkap Illo (깝일로). He was born on Aug. 20, 1996. He's a dancer and rapper in the group. He's 5'7" tall and his hobbies include dancing, choreographing and drawing.
He decided to become a singer in his 1st year of middle school after watching B2st's Lee GiKwang performed on TV. Prior to debut, he was part of a cover dance frouo MESMERIZE and participated in several of their cover videos including EXO's "Growl" and "Wolf" and Taeyang's "Ringa Linga". Both Hyunkyung and Kangmin thought he was younger than them when they first met, and Kangmin chose him as the member he would like to make his dongsaeng. He is the one who usually cleans their rehearsal studio since the other members never bother doing it. He says that he's not very good at watching scary movies, and the members say he's the group's princess, mother and happy virus.
Well, that's all for today until next week on Milo Monday. If you would like to be tagged for any future Romeo posts be sure to comment down below, also if you still haven't, check out @EwSeungkwan card on "How to Pick Your Romeo Bias" it's really fun. I'll see ya guys tomorrow!! 안녕!!!! Kpop Kik Fam @selfishmachines @Winx9119 @Rochellerose @BBxGD @TheEnlightment @UKissMeKevin @evieevelyn @matokokepa Fellow Juliets @turntuptae @nikkynoel
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Nooooooo!!!!!! OMG I LOOKED!!!!!! Wae unnie!!!