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“I hope he likes it!” I spoke aloud as I got to Luhan’s apartment. I got him some candies that I remembered he use to eat when he was younger. Also it was his last day of his diet. He will be so excited. I lightly knocked on his door.
“Luhan-oppa?” No response. I reached into the plant pot by the door and took out the spare key. He really shouldn’t live this here. Anyone could find it.
“Oppa?” I called out again. Nothing. Hmm maybe he’s not home.
“Oh goddd…” What the hell is that? Did he leave the tv on? “Yess oh god yes!” I covered my mouth. That’s Luhan’s voice. What is he doing?
“Luhan?” My voice was just a whisper. I couldn’t talk any louder. I walked toward his room. The door was cracked open just enough for me to see him inside.
“Oh god (y/n)-ah…” I covered my mouth again to cover up my gasp. But I let the bag drop to the floor. Luhan popped up and looked in my direction.
“Oh um,” I panicked and started to walk away.
“(y/n).” He called out for me again. I tried to turn and walk away but I heard Luhan quickly run to the door.
“Oh hey Luhan.” I mumbled but I was trying to continue to walk away. He grabbed me by my upper arm and pulled me into his room, grabbing the bag on the floor, and closing the door behind him.
“You really should’t have interrupted me (y/n)-ah.” He smirked. “What do we have here?” He pulled the candies out of the bag. His smirk got bigger.
“Well I mean it’s the last day of you diet so I…” Then I saw it. He was completely naked. I quickly turned my head and shut my eyes. “Could you maybe put some cloths on?” I asked him.
“(y/n)-ah are you blushing?” He chuckled. I could hear him walking towards me. “Is it because of my cock?”
“Oppa!” I tried to get out of the room. I had the door open but his hand came around and slammed the door shut. His body was pressed against my back. His penis was poking at my lower back.
“Did you hear me call your name (y/n)?” His hands traveled down to my waist. “Did it turn you on like it did me?” He whispered in my ear. His hot breath now sending shivers down my spine. I had to admit that I love the way he is talking to me. “My cock is so hard for you (y/n).”
“I didn’t know you liked dirty talk?” I gasped as he reached around and grabbed my clothed breast.
“I’ve never really done it until now.” He started to kiss down my neck. “Something about you just makes my mind go wild.” He growled and spun me around. “Now are you gonna do something about,” He tilted his head down just a bit.
“And what would you like me to do Oppa?” I smirked leaning against the door.
“I want that pretty mouth of yours around him.”
“As you wish…” I slide down the door keeping eye contact with Luhan. He just smirked at me.
“Fuckk…” I reached out and licked his tip. Both of his hands now against the door supporting his body. I started to pump him slowly. I could see him tense up. I slowly let my mouth swallow him.
“Fuck (y/n) you are such a slut and I love it!” He gasped and moaned. He didn’t last very long though. He reached down and pulled me up. He pushed me against the wall and crashed his lips against mine. He ripped my shirt and jeans off in no time. He had me on the bed in seconds. Kissing and bitting down from my neck to my breast. He reached around the unhooked my bra.
My head was spinning. He was hungry and I don’t think it was the diet that made him like this. I grabbed the sheets as he slipped his finger inside of me.
“Oppppaaa…” I moaned out.
“Tell Oppa what you want.” Luhan said. He was smirking down at my begging face.
“Please Oppa!” My back arched up as he found my sweet spot.
“Please what slut?” I was breathing faster by the second. I wanted him in me and he wasn’t doing anything about it.
“Fuck Luahn! Just fuck me!”
“Aww no please?” He continued to smirk.
“God damnit Luhan would you just FUCK ME PLEASE!”
“As you wish…” And within seconds he pushed into me. There was no waiting, no gentle, no nothing. He roughly pounded into me. He pinned my hands down as I reached for his hair.
“No no no, you no I don’t like my hair pulled.” He leaned down. “Do you want to walk tomorrow?” He whispered in my ear. “Cause at this rate I don’t think you’ll be able to.” Fuck all this dirty talk was killing me. I tried to get my hands free but his just chuckled and laid on me.
He continued his torture on me. I bit down on his shoulder to stop myself from screaming. He knew how to drive me crazy. He finally let my hands free but as he wrapped his arms around me, he trapped my arms once again. He held me tight as his pumps started to quicken.
“Fuck (y/n),” He moaned in my ear. “I don’t think I can hold on longer…”
“Then don’t” I moaned back while biting his ear.
“Fuck!” I felt him exploded into me.
After a few moments he pulled out and laid next to me. “Fuck Oppa.” I said trying to catch my breath. He just chuckled and pulled me into him.
“Don’t interrupt me next time.” He kissed my forehead.
“I was trying to leave.” I said pulling away from him and trying to stand up. “Shit…” I feel to the floor. All I could hear behind me was laughter. “Oh this is funny?”
“Sorry baby.” He said still laughing. “I mean fuck I didn’t think it would be that bad.”
“Oh you didn’t?” I managed to fine my clothes on the floor. “Luhan! You ripped my shirt up! How am I gonna go home tonight with out a shirt?” I whined to him. He somehow found his boxers and put them on then came and helped me up.
“I guess you’ll just have to spend the night here with me.” He smirked and kissed me.
“No, not again.” I whined. “I don’t think I can handle that twice in one day.”
“What about that dirty talk?”
“Yeah let’s talk about that,” I put my jeans and bar back on. “Who were you calling a slut?”
“I love you?” He smiled.
“Yeah yeah that’s what I thought.”
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yo that last pic though I was laughing when he said I love you as a question but that last pic just killed me. Ladies and gentlemen our little low-key freak. 😂😂😂😂 feels are everywhere now
that pic though!!
Well I think this just killed me...
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