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Team Shownu:
Monsta X (Team Shownu): One Shot
Genre: Some adult stuff
Who: Shownu/Reader
Working out with Shownu was the hardest exercising event of my life. Not just because my thighs, arms, back, stomach, and everything else on my body was in excruciating pain; but the other parts as well… like for instance: not wanting to sweat so much that I’m just classified as gross, not wanting to make oddly unattractive groans, moans, or grunts as we push our bodies to the extreme limit, or try to stop the drool from running out of my mouth at the sites of this freaking muscular beast of a man. Throughout the three-hour workout – that I lasted only an hour of – I felt as though I was cursed and blessed to be able to be in the same room as this beautiful human being was in. I didn’t mean to stare but how do you stop when perfection is staring right back at you and is showing you all his curves and strength Right. In. front. Of. You?
His eyes met mine and he decided to join me where I have been laying down on the floor gasping for air like a fish out of water. I tried to straighten my brain up and act as if I was innocent of the dirty thoughts that had appeared in my imagination but as soon as he laid beside me and I smelled his scent mixed with his sweat all of those images came back with a rush of enthusiasm.
“How do you feel?” Shownu’s voice interrupted my thoughts with his deliciously husky voice.
“Good,” I blushed as my voice came out an octave higher than I meant it to be and coughed. I could NOT look him in the eyes or even acknowledge him sitting beside me, I just stared at him from the wall mirror facing me, my cheeks blushing harsher as the time went by.
“I think we make a good team, you and I,” He spoke softly to me, I didn’t know my eyes could get as wide as they did that moment, but they were on a whole didn’t level, “I meant work out team.” He chuckled and placed his hand on my back. I was on the verge of hyperventilating.
“What is your schedule for the rest of the day?” I asked him, sitting up to get out of the fog of his aroma, but Shownu followed suit and sat straight in front of me. His eyes seemed to penetrate through right through me.
“I’m free today,” He gave me an eye smile before he asked, “Will you go out with me?”
And then I died….
Okay, not really, but I felt like it!! My whole body stopped, my heart, my lungs, and my brain stopped working– completely and utterly. Nothing! I didn’t know how to answer him. I didn’t want to scream, “YES, OPPA, YES!!!” (Even though at that moment I could have) but I didn’t want to say “No, we’re just friends.”
“Y/N, breathe,” Shownu’s voice came out concerned. He placed his big hands on either side of my face, and stared in my eyes confused at my behavior, “BREATHE!” At the sudden shake he gave me, I smacked his hands away and gasped for air.
“Sorry, I forgot how to breathe, I must’ve worked out too much,” I said with a cough. I tried to play it cool and ignore the racing of my heart and the extra sweat pouring out from my body, I shrugged my shoulders when I started to say, “Anyway, I was going to say we could go ou-”
Minhyuk’s screaming voice rang through the room as he announced his entrance. I.M. was following, “Dude, Min, leave them alone, don’t you see their ‘busy’?”
“I can’t just not come in here!” Minhyuk yelled playfully, “So, did she say yes, Shownu?” He continued to dance around us exaggerated in every step.
“Get out,” Shownu said and pointed to the door but Minhyuk trotted over anyway, flinging his arms around Shownu’s shoulders, and staring at me. I.M. slowly came closer to be in ear shot, “Get out, she hasn’t answered it yet. You interrupted her,” Shownu growled.
“Oh, I see! Well, let me fix what I ruined,” Minhyuk said with a mischievous grin, “Y/N, do you take Shownu as a good looking guy that you would love to go out with and continue a journey of love and affection?”
“I think I should leave, I’m not feeling so well, have fun ya’ll,” I said. I stood quickly and tried to not run out the gym/practice room’s door. I heard the three of them calling out my name… Like I’m going to turn around and be embarrassed in front of you all again? Yeah right! I thought.
The Next Day:
Shownu turned the corner of the hallway and saw Y/N. His heart skipped a beat when he saw how your hair fell gently on your cheek, the way your back curved comfortably against the wall, and the way your leg bends at just the right angle. Shownu cleared his throat and saw your reaction of realizing that you weren’t alone. When your eyes met his, all he could think was that you are perfect. He straightened his back and shoulders as he walked toward you. You start to move away like you were going to join him in his walk down the hall but when he reached you….
Your POV:
Shownu’s large hand gripped my upper arm and he swung me around, I stumbled and fell back and hit my head against the wall but before I could get a whine out about the pain, his lips were on mine. His tongue wrestled with me. His body wash and natural smell penetrated all of my senses and worked on undoing all of the locks I had kept in my heart. His strong, muscular body fit perfectly against mine. All I could think of was him, and at that moment all I wanted was him. I didn’t care that we were in the main hallway of Jellyfish Entertainment or that my mom’s ringtone was going off on my cell phone or that I was kissing my best friend. It was just us in that moment. I let all my worries set aside during this kiss because the man that I had fallen in love with a while ago just convinced me that he wanted me just as much. That kiss made me want to scream and shout and met all at the same time. If there had been fireworks, it would have been perfect.
“You’re my perfect girl,” Shownu whispered in my ear as he nibbled my neck and earlobe. Chills raced down my spine like lightning.
“Do you want to go workout, Bear?” I whispered back.
“What? At this moment… you’re thinking of “working out,” seriously?” Shownu asked, aggravation in his voice.
My hand gripped his jaw and I forced him to look me in the eyes, “Bear, I’m not talking about our regular workout.”
His eyes went wide, but he recovered fast to an eye smile, making me involuntarily bite my lip, “Oh,” he cleared his throat and let my hips go, “where?”
“My place,” I said, “its closer.” I grabbed his hand and we ran out of the building to hail a taxi.
“So, this is your place?” Shownu asked, looking around the open room apartment, “How long have you been here-”
“Really? At this moment, I’m not thinking about anything but you,” I said as I pealed my shirt off and threw it in the floor. I pushed him against the door and nibbled his ear as I unbuttoned his jeans. Shownu’s gasps and groaning was just an encouragement for me to go down on him faster. I took his breath away with every flick of my tongue and every touch I allowed him to have.
We laid in each other’s arm in my bed, I loved the fact that he was here, “You don’t have to leave my apartment, EVER!” I cooed.
“I don’t want to leave you, Y/N, you’re my perfect girl,” Shownu said, kissing the top of my head and breathed in a sigh, “So, are we officially dating?”
“What? You think you can just have your way with me and leave right after? I don’t think so!” I retorted. Shownu put his hand around my shoulders in a calming motion.
“Why did you run yesterday? I was thinking you didn’t want to be with me but I just wanted to see you today and I got a lot more than I asked for and I like it,” Shownu asked.
I giggled and placed my leg on his thigh, “I just didn’t like the pressure of the other two being there and asking such a personal question that should only have been between us.”
“So, what is your answer to my question yesterday?” Shownu asked as he leaned up on his elbow to look down at me, “Will you go out on a date with me?”
“Yes,” I smirked, “I don’t usually sleep with the guy on the first day, but…”
“Actually, you hadn’t slept with anyone else,” Shownu smirked. I slapped his chest and gasped. He attacked me with smothering kisses.
Love it!
awesome one shot!
this is so good 🙌