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Momma Jin Tries to Reign His Youngest In 馃槀馃槀馃槀
I am sorry I am sure there are millions of these cards going up but I had to... Momma Jin had to go retrieve the dabbing Kookie... This video kills me!!! Kookie tried getting a few more dabs in before his mommy escorted him off stage... Dying here!!!
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@ESwee @KarenGuerra93 Of course!!! Sorry it took so long to reply!!!
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@JaxomB Laughing my butt off and showing everyone but they don't seem to get how funny it is... The trials of being a kpop fan with a bunch of real life non kpop friends...
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@KokoroNoTakara I'm lucky. I have quite a few Kpop loving friends....and a daughter that is very in to Kpop. She and I just laughed at Jin trying to get Kookie and V to go.
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@JaxomB You are lucky... I live in a small town and no one loves kpop here...
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@JaxomB Also I think it was freaking hilarious... I mean Jin spent most of his effort on Kookie but I saw my bias tried to be herded in as well... Omg I was dying!!!
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