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N and Narumi come out of the kitchen to investigate all the noise. N catches a flying couch pillow right before it hits Narumi in the face. Everyone freezes as he looks around grumpily, “What’s going on in here?”
“They are just having a little fun. Nothing to get bent out of shape about,” Leo responds.
He tosses the pillow back on a chair, “This almost hit Narumi!”
All eyes roll around the room, including Narumi’s. From behind N a small voice from Hyuk pipes up.
“Sorry Hyung, you stepped out right in front of me. It wasn’t aimed at her.”
N turns to look at him, shakes his head and lets out a growl.
“Dinner’s ready for you children.”
Narumi looks around and lets out a giggle. She leans over and whispers in N’s ear. He looks down at her, pushes her hair behind her ear and smiles. “I’ll try but they make it hard.”
You look over at her and wink. His caveman is showing, you’ve dealt with that. This should be interesting to watch happen to someone else. More interesting to see how she tames him.
As the boys trek into the kitchen you can hear grumbles and mumbles.
“I thought sex was supposed to make you happier.”
“Wow, found his mate and now he’s the almighty? What the hell?!?”
“Forget going near her, I may just kill him.”
Leo pulls you to your feet, smirking and laughing at the group.
“I wasn’t that bad.”
You raise an eyebrow and pat his cheek.
“You tried to put Ravi 6 feet underground love. You were worse.”
He looks offended, then shrugs and smiles. “I’m better now.”
You take his hand and drag him into the kitchen, “It’s only been an hour. We’ll reserve judgement on that.”
Dinner is way too quiet for this group. No matter what you try to say they are all still grumpy from being told off unfairly by N. You and Narumi keep looking over at each other; you can tell she wants to help but without speaking the language doesn’t know how. She knows from you that N will go ballistic if she touches any of them so she is stuck in frustrated silence.
You look over at Leo who is concentrating on his food. You jab him with your elbow to get him to help but he just looks around, shrugs and goes back to eating. You roll your eyes and decide that since N ruined your group stress reliever; he’s the one that needs to repair it.
You look around at the food, pick up a small amount of rice and roll it into a ball. Narumi is watching you carefully, you nod towards her beloved and she grins, nodding her approval.
While everyone’s heads are down, you take careful aim and as luck would have it, N looks up right as your rice ball is released. It smacks him front and center of his forehead. His eyes widen in shock and you hear Narumi give a full belly laugh. He looks over at her, see’s her reaction and can't help but smile. Rapid Japanese is suddenly followed by Korean, to which all the guys are now looking up at the end of the table.
“I may have been a little harsh earlier,” he starts. She nudges him with her arm and takes his hand in hers. “It isn’t just awkward for all of you. I will try to do better.”
Narumi looks over at you and winks. Leo leans over, puts his arm around you and kisses the top of your head.
He whispers in your ear, “I’m going to start calling you Squishy Jagi. You’re too soft for your own good; I love you for it.”
You look up at him with a brilliant smile and kiss him on the lips. Between you and Leo smooching at one end of the table and N and Narumi gazing at each other lovingly on the other; you begin to hear gagging sounds.
“I think I preferred him mad at us. You all are going to make us sick.”
Leo looks over, “You’re just jealous Ravi.”
“Damn straight I am! Why have the two of you found your women and the rest of us are still waiting? Living with you two lovebirds was bad enough, now there’s another set to have to watch and listen to.”
You glance up and as innocently as you can reply, “The offer still stands for ear plugs.”
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LMAO! *throws ear plugs*😂😂
That ending line was gold! 😂😂 Might also want to invest in soundproofing the walls!
(Pretty sure Ravi's problem is that he hasn't visited Washington yet.) But those boys need to invest in ear plugs and find some hobbies outside the house. Although I like having them around sometimes.
LOLOL earplugs!!
lol, cute