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After waiting at the campsite for an hour you got a text from the friends who were supposed to be meeting you there letting you know that they'd gotten a flat tire and wouldn't be able to make it. After being annoyed and disappointed and feeling sorry for yourself for a few moments, it occurred to you that since you had brought the tent this time along with your sleeping bag you could spend the night anyway. After checking that you had enough snacks to last you until morning and a book in your bag, you decided that that was exactly what you were going to do. As you began unloading gear from your car, you noticed that although most of the campground was pretty empty, the campsite directly next to yours was occupied by some young men who looked vaguely familiar.
Saw you struggling to get the tent poles placed correctly by yourself and walked over to help.
Asked why you were by yourself and, once you had explained, expressed concern about you camping alone before asking you to join them so you wouldn't be lonely.
Asked your name and introduced you to the rest of the group.
Saved you a spot next to him at the picnic table and then gave you half of his sandwich and half of his apple.
Went with you into the woods to gather kindling and blushed almost as much as you did when you both reached to pick up the same stick and your hands touched for just a bit too long for it to be entirely accidental.
Burned his hand slightly while trying to start the campfire so you started it for him after grabbing some ice from the cooler and gently holding it on his burn for a moment.
Couldn't quite hide his enthusiasm when it was time to roast marshmallows but gave you his first marshmallow after yours fell off your stick and into the fire.
When nobody else was looking, made you turn bright red by holding eye contact with you while licking all the marshmallow residue off of his fingers one by one and then grinned at you wickedly.
Pretended to fall asleep while sitting next to you around the campfire so that he could lean his head against you.
Said that you looked cold and handed you a hoodie he'd pulled from his backpack before walking you back to your tent.
Carried his sleeping bag over and insisted on sleeping right outside your tent to protect you but you made him move inside the tent when you woke up to the sound of pouring rain sometime after midnight. He protested but eventually compromised by having you zip him entirely inside his sleeping bag before going back to sleep so that just his face was exposed.
Was sitting outside your tent with a cup of coffee and breakfast for you when you woke up in the morning.
While everyone helped you tear down your tent and pack your gear into you car, he slipped a note into your pocket: "that was fun, we should do it again sometime" with a smiley face and his phone number.
Sorry that this was so long but I hope that it was fun anyway!
Such a cute screenshot game!! If only this could happen in real life 😍
that was a really cute game
@fallchild I am working on my results card for this game right now.
@fallchild thank you so much. I have decided I want to learn to make a screenshot game.
@fallchild do you mind if I ask which app you use to make the pictures change?
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