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Lim Kim, with her husky voice and intelligent lyrics, how have you NOT fallen in love with her yet?

Below are a few songs that will fit whatever mood you're in :)
Fun fact: She was born in Korea, but actually grew up in New Jersey! She and her schoolmate Denny formed a band called Togaewol (Two Months) and got on Superstar K :) She debuted as a solo artist and still sings in Two Months.

Happy Me

From the OST for Reply 1997

"Even during my busy day, if I suddenly hear your voice, its as if you're with me"


Your guide to the perfect flirting style

"I’ll call you, pretending I misdialed
What are you doing right now? Are you sleeping? Are you out?"

Goodbye 20

For everyone feeling like they're getting older and wasting time

"I thought a breathtaking love would come
As if a new world would open to me – stupid
Just petty days, just bubble days, goodbye 20"

All Right

For people who don't need bad people in their lives

"This is it, you used to have all of me
But without you, this is it
Your last goodbye was filled with worries
But you’re not that great, I’m all right"


For the perfect rainy day

"Rain, please forgive me for being numb
Not everyone cries over sad movies
Rain, I like you or dislike you according to my mood"

Without Knowing It At All

For when you're tired and just want to sleep

"There isn’t a place where I can rest
(I was off in some empty daydream)"

Who else loves this girl and her music?

I'm already in love with her! When she sang with High4 she completely took my heart along with Alex my husband
Ahhh!!! I love her so much!!!! Hers was the first k-album that I actually bought - her voice is beyond gorgeous, and she has a really sweet personality. I would live to see her getting more recognition - so happy you did this card!!
what about love game because I love the rhythm she used in the beginning
I really like those lyrics!!!! They're really interesting. I should check her out ^-^