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To be honest, I feel like this is something a lot of my guy friends who don't have kids would probably say to a single mom they were trying to flirt with. I mean, come on, some of us just haven't been molded into proper parents-to-be yet.

Who else is horrible with kids?

Personally, every time I try to hold one, I feel all sorts of awkward like I'm doing it wrong.
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@culversyanne LMAO You do a lot of "WOOOOWW!!!" with them? So cute.
@danidee yes lol
I don't like the big blobs of germs... known as children... they always flock to me... 馃槰馃槺
@animerg13 You probably give off good energy! :)
its really tough to date with a single mom! they are just too worried about their kid then lover