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Dave is back with another video!

An American, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese person will say the same word and we'll see how different they are.

The words he chose are English words that are not changed much in Japanese/Korean/Chinese (for example, computer is pronounced "com-pyu-teo" in Korean...)


I think Erina also just has an insanely cute voice so it makes her Japanese sounds super baby-ish so please don't be offended if they make Japanese seem overly cute :3

I hope to understand the basics of all of these languages someday!

Who is with me!?

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okay @minniebaby62 thanks
a year agoReply
This was funny af lmao
a year agoReply
No no @kpop2001 it's not the YouTube channel name I was just saying 馃挄馃挄 Infires
a year agoReply
@minniebaby62 oh well i ended up finding yhe youtub3 channel anyways btw what is infires
a year agoReply
omg this was soo funny!!!
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