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Last time I was in the shower, I thought about all the different things I need to buy next time I go to the supermarket and how nice it'd be to be able to afford tickets to fly somewhere fun this summer.

Do you do a lot of your thinking in the shower too? Or are you more of a singing-in-the-shower type? What's your routine?

There's something magical about showers and baths. I can solve all my problems with one hot shower.
right now taking a shower is my only chance to have alone time. so i turn up my kpop music and take all the time in the world.
Um, I'm practical. If there's not already someone in the shower with me, I'm thinking of who I'd rather be taking a shower with...
@danidee hell yeah now tell me wouldent you wanna go there
mostly, about getting my business going and how great it will be working for myself and getting to write off my future trips to Korea as a business expense
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