CROSS GENE (Support)


My name is Merry and thanks to the beautiful @AimeeH I'm part of her supporting group for the Cross Gene Community!

Takuya Terada

Is the reason I found Cross Gene, I first found him in his drama "The Lovers" and fell for him immediately, when I saw it I thought he was Korean because he spoke it so fluently but he's Japanese. Yay for me since I love both Japanese and Korean men. I call him a Prince because doesn't he look like he walked off the pages of a Prince story manga? I mean damn he's gorgeous. His eyes are just beautiful and his voice don't get me started. And yes he's my #1 bias in the group

Shin Won Ho

How can you not love this adorable rabbit/cat. He reminds me of my cat, and he's cute with rabbit and cat ears. He's so fluffy you just want to hug him, or kick him. He's a very affectionate person especially with his members but most of all Takuya. They are super close talk about relationship goals. I saw his show Big, and now I want him to do more acting. I loved his character in that show.
These are just a few of my favorite songs that are Japanese versions. I love their Korean songs too. I really like groups that have multinational members.
I love the song, and when I found it was from Zedd I finally got around to watching the movie. I loved the movie, I loved how they were speaking their native language and the message behind the story is beautiful. Check it out if you can, I found the eng sub on YouTube, and I found it to buy on Amazon so yes of course I bought it! It's Cross Gene must support my boys.