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Welcome all to Shownu appreciation. The Shownu team and I, led by @prettieemm will be bring you all sorts of cards about this lovely, sexy man. Hope you all enjoy!
Now we can't start this off without some Sexy Back! Even with clothes on his back is amazing!
And his muscles. Especially those arms.
His eyes and that look that practically stares into your soul.
Even Minhyuk can't keep his hands off.
Just remember if you can't handle the overload of sexy, slow deep breaths.
And I leave it off with hearts for everyone. Remember to support Team Shownu! And we will all be back with more tomorrow.
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a year ago·Reply
I will not let this man become my bias *is loyal to jooheon*
a year ago·Reply
@SimplyAwkward I said that as well but he kicked Jackson out of my UB spot
a year ago·Reply
He can show me whatever he wants too. I found my special in this group. These pictures helped sealed it.
a year ago·Reply
Wow..this is why he is my bias in Monsta X <3
a year ago·Reply