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Un-Named Boy Group Debuting Soon!!!

I used to be a big MR.MR fan until they lost and added members and went off to Japan, but one of their old members will be debuting again soon!

Oh Gitaek (who was known as Ryu in MR.MR) is about to debut in a new group that still hasn't released their name. All we know is they are under PH Entertainment...

The seven members have released their teaser images and all have Instagrams for you to follow and keep up with them!

I've only included video of Gitaek singing since those are the only ones on YouTube as of this moment, but please give all the members lots of love!

Let me know if you want to be updated when I find out news about this group!!!!


Former vocal of MR.MR and one of my favorite maknaes ever! Such a sweet hearted person (and allegedly left MR.MR after being beat up by the manager, and not being allowed to see his friend and possibly gf!)

Follow him on Instagram!

Gitaek performing back with MR.MR :D

*please ignore the insane camera sounds in the background and just focus on his gorgeous voice!*


Not a huge fan of selcas but seems to love food :3

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Sion (shi-ohn)

Why does he use minion stickers on his photos? The world may never know!

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Probs the visual of the group...Look at him!!!

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Follow him on Instagram!


Super huge tattoo on his arm but also a mama's boy...

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He just really likes cats okay...(his insta is FULL of them)

Follow him on Instagram!

Who is excited for this debut?

MORE TEASERS >>>>>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<

Let me know if you want to be tagged in future news about these boys :D

I have a feeling Kanghan is a rapper and will probably be my bias
kpop will never die. kpop will take over the world. KPOP WILL RISE! super excited for this group. okay bye now ๐Ÿธ
Any more boy groups coming out and I'm gonna die
Please tag me too
aww man another group im not ready someone save me this is to much to handle
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