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Boy Groups: Monsta X, BTS, or Got7
Girl groups: Sistar, Ailee, 2ne1(Minzy included)

Wait! Before you comment!

• it doesn't have to be a love story; they can become friends or something • doubt any girl groups will get chosen but they're there for variety • comment the group, memeber, and whether you want love/Fluff, angst, them to end up friends, etc. • you can ship two people just lmk if they are in different groups or not •it is a one shot, just so you know... not everyone will get picked (most likely popularity vote)
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Can I have an angst turning to romance with Amber of F(x)?
@MichelleIbarra do you want it with Y/N (Female or male) or someone else?
@FalseLove Female. Also, can you use my name?
2ne1 park bom a best friend story
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awe thanks so much...