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Hey guys!! I'm already behind in the Summer 2016 season, and not that many shows have even started yet!! So, to help me keep on track, I thought I'd make a calendar of which shows air on what days.
This way, when I have free time, I can see what has aired again since I last watched!

Sharing it here so other people can use it, too!!!

*all times in Japanese Standard Time!
*all times in Japanese Standard Time!

What shows are you guys watching?!

Oh, and if you haven't followed yet...

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@KaminariHana Oranges are always sweet. What type of oranges have you been eating?
a year ago·Reply
@AyansakuraBloss the first episode can be found on Youtube I just watched it after this card. And...the sour orange was something my acquaintance said so idk
a year ago·Reply
@KaminariHana I see that this is a new series. I may watch it after finishing ReLife.
a year ago·Reply
@KaminariHana I want to check Orange out!!
a year ago·Reply
I'm still finishing no-rin because I have things to do
a year ago·Reply