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WARNING: Adult Humor & Situations - Kyungil Sexy Gifs
I found some incredible gifs of this man. For the next little bit I'll just say you're welcome now. ;)
Dokyun walks back in with a bag of chocolate kisses and chocolate Pocky.
“Oooh,” you squeal and rip open the Hershey's bag.
Winking at them you state, “Kisses for everyone!”
Your aim isn’t the greatest and it turns into a game of catch or fetch.
From behind you a soft voice says, “Where’s mine?”
You open up the Pocky and turn in his lap. Placing it in your mouth you grin. A panty wetting smile appears on his face as he grabs the back of your head and attacks. There is absolutely nothing left of your stick but then you didn’t think there would be. You aren’t guys; therefore, there isn’t a boundary of where you need to stop.
He growls into your mouth, "Best Pocky ever".
Suddenly wolf whistles sound from around the room and blushing, you look down as you pull away.
“Are we playing that game? I vote we all get a turn with [YN]. That would be much more fun.” A devilish smirk appears on Yijeong’s face.
“Come say that closer little brother,” Gil glares.
“I gave you each kisses; that will have to sustain you.”
They all proceed to moan and groan at the unfairness of having a woman in the house that belongs to only one of them.
“Fine,” you state. “You may all have another kiss.”
You kiss each chocolate wrapped candy before you starting tossing them around the room again. An idea suddenly occurs to you and you move so that your back is to Gil’s front again.
“You guys want to play a game?” The absolute glee on your face has them looking at each other then shrugging and nodding.
“Sure, I’m bored. How about you guys?” Sihyoung announces.
Kyungil suddenly gets curious, “Wait. What are you up to Jagi?”
You reach behind and pat the top of his head, “You’ll find out.”
“Each of you will receive a kiss for telling me something I don’t know about Kyungil.”
“Wait, what?!?”
You hear from behind you as he tries to turn you around but you resist and laugh. The guys are all looking between the two of you and you wave to get their attention.
“Me, look at me. Ignore the gorilla behind me and start talking.”
Sihyoung pipes up again, “Did you know he loves to swim? He’s like a fish in water.”
You toss him a kiss.
“No, I didn't.” You look back at Kyungil, “We need to go swimming, I love to swim.”
He nods and decides that maybe this game isn’t so bad after all.
“Done, tomorrow morning?”
“Done. Next?”
“Did you know he used to have a crush on IU?” Dokyun snickers.
You look over, “Seriously? Which of you in this room and the majority of Korea have not? You can do better than that.”
“Did you know he likes to give to charities?”
You raise your eyebrow. “Really?”
“His life motto is, ‘Give, because then you will gain’.”
You toss a kiss to Jaeho, lean your head back and give Gil a kiss on the chin.
“My hero.”
“I’m his favorite,” Yijeong pipes up from the back. “He couldn’t keep his hands off me before you got here, so thank you from the bottom of my butt. I feel much safer now.”
The whole room erupts in laughter and you feel Kyungil’s head hit your back.
“He’s just so little and cute!”
You shake your head and toss Yijeong a whole handful.
“Yes!” he fist bumps the air and starts rolling around picking them up.
“Hey!” Dokyun protests, to which you add with a wink,
“He’s suffered. It’s compensation.”
Jiyong and Jak have been sitting on the couch with her in his lap for the last hour. She’s finally turned and he is cradling her in his arms.
As Ji strokes her hair he finally comments, “Babe. You know you are welcome at my house anytime. You have a key, your stuff is there, I thought it was pretty obvious I want you there.”
She mumbles into his neck, so he pulls her back to look in her face.
"Try that again.”
She sighs, “Sometimes people need to hear words. You show me all the time but actions without words are still only assumptions on the receivers part.”
He nods.
“You’re right. I’m sorry pet.”
He pulls her around so she’s straddling him and cups her face in his hands.
“I would love it if you made my place your permanent place. You can keep this place or rent it, that’s up to you.”
Jak closes her eyes, “I don’t want you to feel obligated. Now it just sounds like your saying it because its expected.”
Jiyong growls and pulls her face to within a few centimeters of his.
“Woman. I can’t go backwards. Accept the words; you’ve already had the actions.”
She closes the distance with a kiss to his lips.
“I love you. Thank you for loving me.”
Awe, so much fun with the boys! And I'm glad Jak and Ji are working things out. 💋
awe.... omg i die every time