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I was looking around and I saw this pink themed outfit that seems very appropriate for date nights. These are the brands of this items: - Dress: Red Valentino - Bra: Elle Macpherson - Shoes: Chloe - Bag: Chloe - Perfume: Chloe - Lipstick: Aerin Let me know what you think! Source:
awww this is so cute, the dress is so lovely <3 Wearing this would make me feel like a princess, really <3
i relly like the braaaaaaa !! didn't kno elle macpherson had her own lingerie lineeee very very niceee
@PiuPiuPENGUIN The dress is right on my style, and the perfume is actually one of my favorites.
@kristenadams The bra is so sexy, I think that a black one would also work amazingly. Not with this look but just to keep. Hahaha.