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I know we've got quite a few other people into MMORPGs around here, so when I saw the new collaboration commercial the Blizzard animation team released with Intel, I was like "VINGLE. THIS NEEDS TO BE ON VINGLE."
So it's safe to say the Warcraft movie was kind of a dud, right? But it's also safe to say it was HUGE in mainland China, which a lot of movie critics say is due to the saturation of regional film promotion. (Plus, China loves its MMOs. But that's besides the point.)

But I feel like if this commercial was a full-length film, Warcraft would have been SO much bigger in America.

You guys know that part in Jumanji where all the animals are just bursting through the wall and spilling out onto the street?

Yeah, just imagine that with an aggressive-looking 8-foot orc, and you've got this crazy new commercial.

You guys, I'm pretty sure if I saw an orc bust through a building, land right in front of me, and let out some crazy orcish battle roar, I would probably pee my pants. At least.
Anyway, the commercial is an amazing example of the skills of Blizzard's CGI animation team, and if you didn't really LOVE the Warcraft movie, the least that you could give it was that the visuals themselves were at least 10,000% super sick to see in action.

Check out the full commercial above and then let me know:

How would YOU react to being hunted down by an orc? Do you think you could avoid him?

(Also, admit it: How many of you guys have played WoW before?)
I live in America, so shoot him. This is followed by every bystander shooting him. The cops show up to put a couple of rounds into the mangled carcass of what used to be an orc. Overhead, a bald eagle cries out a defiant screech, and we all eat apple pie and fire celebratory shots into the air, while the American flag flaps triumphantly in the breeze behind me.
lol all you need is your broomstick and you're good xD but I saw the movie 4 times in the first week, and other then a little bit of messed up lore I still really enjoyed it
@danidee "...WELL?!"馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
@danidee AWW THANKS
@Tamaki1618 I STILL NEED TO SEE IT. No one wanted to see it with me.
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