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This week's theme is what movie genre would our bias fit. Yes I'm finally back after a short break.
Can't you just see it now? This seemingly cold guy and a unique woman that he just can't help but want to take pictures of. A few obstical and plenty of silliness lead to a beautiful love. That's right people I'm talking Romantic Comedies here.
I feel like his stern but loving nature is the foundation for some of the best movies. Add in his tendency to be a complete dork and you have yourself a RomCom.
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I can see that
Oh my god, that reminds me of love rain so much. The guy started out as a cold and mean photographer and met Yoona the lead and he wanted to take picture of this special place in Japan so she took him there and he took pictures of her while they were watching the diamond snow cause he fell in love with her. idk if that's the good description of the first ep but I tried lol
@HerosBells I need to watch this now. I mean it was on my list but it got bumped up the list
@SugaOnTop it is absolutely perfect you'll love it. Yoona from girls generation stars in it and she is absolutely gorgeous, and the actor from you are beautiful (I think that's what it's called) stars in it too. Bonus, there's so so so many cute supporting actors in the drama and no lousy second male lead to steal your heart (jihoo, jisoo, all of dem hot actors I'm looking at you)
I can see it haha