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Que tal peeps!

Do you have a weird skincare trick? For example you may have a skin reaction to something how do you fix it? Well I have an weird skincare hack.


Once out of every season I get random patches of rashes on my face. Mostly in the inner cheek area and on the chin area directly under my mouth. Now when I first got these last summer. I washed all my pillow cases and bed sheets. However, that was not the issue. The rash was getting worst. I stopped wearing makeup and stopped washing my face with skincare products. The problem was still there. I thought it was from my glasses so I began wearing contacts. Sadly, I still had the issue. It was a shocker to me cuz I always have smooth clear skin. I was watching this makeup video on youtube and person said she used A and D ointment for as a moisturizer. I thought hum....I wonder what's in the ingredients. So I went to Walmart and looked at the product. The consistency is thick like Vaseline so I was like who would put this ish on their face with a full face of makeup. But on the back it says it is used for diaper rashes and I used this on my god child when she had rashes on her arms and it cleared up. Long story short I use this lightly on my face at night time when those random rashes pop up and my skin is clear within a week. I still wash my face to wash away the residue and skip makeup when the rashes appear but this ointment works. Plus if you want smooth lips this works well too. The only cons are the thick consistency and the smell.

What are your odd hacks? Comment below!