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Try to use fruits that are fresh, because that will be the best when you have them and enjoy all the nutrients from them. I love this recipe beacuse it is very easy to make, but also contains so many nutrient-rich ingredients all blended into one. Here are the ingredients that were used: - Yellow Mangoes - White Nectarines (Or Peaches) - Fresh Ginger - Yogurt - Orange Juice - Almond Milk - Spinach Source:
@miranpark88 Well, trying new flavours specially strong ones like ginger is really tough. Baby steps.
@roselee89 okayyyy i shall try it really sooon!!! ill stop being a chicken and actually try some new stuffff thanks for the tip ! :D
I agree with @kristenadams , @miranpark88 if you add only a little bit, you won't be able to taste the ginger but you will definitely be adding some healthy elements to your smoothie!
@miranpark88 of course u cant go crazy with the gingerr ull def feel it if u put like hella ginger on your smoothiee LOL everythin in moderation
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