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Just came across the dub preview Toonami released for One Punch Man and were wondering what fans of the show thought of the dub!
I personally haven't watched it all yet, but I did read quite a lot of the manga. The voice suited Saitama in terms of the manga for me: he sounds bored!!! Which he should.

But, I saw a lot of conflicting opinions about the voice acting:

"I think the voice is great. Doesn't have the Saitama goofiness so it's not perfect, but it captures his complete and utter boredom, which is really the important part. I think it'll be fun."
"I was hoping it'd be more "nerdy" sounding like higher pitched, something you'd associate with a wimp or scrawny person"
"Saitama sounds younger than he should."
"The voice actors makes Saitama sound like he's bored half to death, which makes sense given his character. Fits well to me."
"I actually like Saitama's voice. I feared they'd try too hard to imitate the Japanese voice, because I honestly can't picture that voice working in English. Glad they went the "Goku Route" and went with a fitting voice that's COMPLETELY different from the Japanese voice"
"He's comes off as a rather bored dude (which he is to be fair) rather than the goofy Saitama we all know. I think I might actually watch the dub because I think I'll be able to see the comedy in a new light."
"Western sensibilities aren't identical to eastern ones, I think it makes sense for dubs to take creative freedoms."

What are your thoughts?

Personally, I think most of the haters I've seen are the "I hate dub so I hate this" type, but I think that a show can work in more than one language with more than one kind of voice, even if the voices differ greatly between languages!!
OH, and the dub will come out July 16th on Toonami!!

Calling All One Punch Man Fans!

His voice sounds like the human version of the Toonami guy's voice. I prefer the original to the dub so far
I Iike how his voice sounded...bored and kinda monotone,which I think fits Saitama. I hope the voice actor can show Saitama's goofy side also.
btw, it will be debuting at Midnight on July 16th on Toonami/ Adult Swim 馃槈
Based on only that trailer, I'm not impressed, but I'll withhold judgment until I see more. I do agree with the comments about him sounding bored; they clearly seem to have nailed that, which is important for the character. It may just take a little getting used to
Everyone else sounded spot on except sonic so far (ImO), while saitama ..eh, I'll just need to hear more to judge more accurately. (麓蔚锝*)
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