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Instagram and Twitter have given us a brand new look into the lives of idols and as more and more get on social media, its completely changing how we interact with them!

Below are a few of my favorite idol instagrams, but i'd love to know yours!

Key from SHINee!

Mostly pictures of him, fashion, and travel. He always writes his comments as if he's talking directly to his fans (his "little freaks") and seems like he really loves what he does and is thankful for it.

Hakyeon from VIXX

Selcas, song recommendations, and thank you letters to his fans and family. You get to see a lot of him off-stage as well is cute footage of other VIXX members :3

Hyuna from 4Minute

She shows a totally different side of herself from the usual sexy image we see. She's really close with her staff and backup dancers and just seems like a totally fun person to be around!

Sooyoung from SNSD

I just so totally cannot imagine being as famous as the SNSD members are, so its interesting to see how they live their lives. Sooyoung has always been my favorite, and she seems to have a really busy but fun life of filming dramas, modeling, and travelling.

Who are your favorite idols on Instagram?

Can we just talk for a minute about how on Jacksons insta he post in Korean, Chinese, and English and that is the most adorable thing ever. He cares about all his fans so much
I love Bigbang's 😂
I don't pick favorites. If I'm following them then I like them and like what they post lol
Jay park, Top, Cl, and Key
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