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It's not subtitled *yet* but just watching and listening to him (understanding some if you know Korean) is mesmerizing. Idk if it's just me, But I think his voice is very soothing. I wish I could get him to read a bedtime story....
Here's some examples of his soothing singing voice. His Covers are amazing. (He should keep getting more lines and doing more covers!) It's super smooth and overall soothing. What do you think? Could you fall asleep to this? Let us know what you think in the comments below!
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@kpopandkimchi awww nuuuuu don't cry TcT But I understand where you're coming from... it's so lovely and he's grown so much!
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I completely get what your saying! To me N and Hyuk's voice are similar in the ways that they both have such unique and cool vocal tones, that sound so smooth and relaxing when you listen to them. Hyuk's singing is so lovely. I wan't to hear more from him!!!!!
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@KAddict Yesss! exactly!
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I have to keep that Hyukkie in check. He's such a threat. I'm very proud of him and how much he's grown and matured and if I'm being honest, I love his evil maknae ways... even if they wreck me. And yes, I agree about his vocals. I said it all yesterday, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYUK! You make noona proud.
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@Helixx awwww I couldn't have said that better!
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